Republican candidate Donald Trump might be going to sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America but he will be the only one to face such a huge protest from half of the nation.

The misogynistic and sexist statements of Trump are not going to leave him easily as feminist took the revenge by grabbing the balls of his wax statue.

A topless female protester from the feminist group ‘FEMEN’ grabbed the crotch of a life-sized statue of Donald Trump at the Madrid wax museum, Spain.

“Grab ’em by the pussy,” Donald Trump had said in a leaked video. The protestor was taking revenge of the same statement.

She continuously kept shouting "grab patriarchy by the balls" while the security guards made unsuccessful attempts to cover her up.

In the video footage, she is seen shouting the same lines while the museum staff is trying to cover her up with balloons and coat lying there while she is throwing them away.

She had ‘grab back’ and ‘grab patriarchy by the balls’ written on the front and back of her nude upper body.

It took museum staff quite some time to escort her out but she completed her target.

The feminist group "FEMEN" tweeted a picture of the victory with the caption, "We just grabbed him back. Grab patriarchy by the balls!"

Gonzalo Presa, head of communications at the museum dubbed the protest 'unpleasant' as they wanted to give a special welcome to the new president.

"If they want to do this, they should do it directly to him. This is too easy," Presa said.