July 14, 2017


After making debut with a different film like 'Bhale Manchi Roju' director Sriram Adittya got good appreciation as an young director. Well with this multi starrer flick he almost sure startle and surprise the Tollywood. It is a perfectly written brilliant subject. It has many twists and very unusual for Telugu audience. More honestly speaking it is a new age Telugu film with Hollywood standards.

This movie has this unique quality that every role is amazing connected with main plot. Heroes and their so called forceful heroism is completely avoided. While watching movie only their characters are visible and of course well connected with audience too. I can say it is a rare film in Tollywood as I remember Telugu movies.

It has great performances by all new and young actors. It has thrilling scenes, fair comedy and above all it has very honest and intense performances.

Not only actors and their performances, even music of Mani Sharma is scintillating and the back ground score is perfectly sinking and elevating the thrills and emotions. Sameer Reddy camera is also terrific and presenting the flick into an authoritative level. innovative script, amazing performances and outstanding presentation then what else it needs to be a good film.

If we get into story Sudheer Babu is son of rich and greedy businessman Suman. Sudheer loses his mother at the age of seven. He misses the true mother's love and his step mother Surekha Vani always insults which throws him into despair and depressed. He is so much fond of his mother's favorite Rolls Royce car named Samanthakamani as his most precious memory.

On his 25th birth day, Sudheer takes his car Samanthakamani to a five star hotel to throw a birth day bash to his friends. Unfortunately his most lovable memory of his mother, the Samanthakamani car will be stolen. As this 5 crore worth car hits the headlines in the media. Police Officer Nara Rohit is after the culprits to nab.

That same day in the party heart broken young lover Sandeep Krishna who is rejected by his lover for not having big money is also in the same pub. One more young lover Aadi too present as he was too insulted by the same monetary reasons. Not only these young lovers a middle aged couple Rajendra Prasad who is expert unlocking the cars also visits along with his widow lover Indraja.

Cop Rohit interrogate them and how he solves the puzzle and what will fate takes all these guys is the thrilling and surprising end which you have to see on screen only.

Director Sriram Adittya is a real hero of this trend setting film as his innovative story, screenplay and his perfect direction which made this film an unique place.

Sudheer impresses with his vulnerability. Sundeep Kishan sizzles with his comedy timing. Aadi is too much active as teenage passionate lover. Nara Rohit is brilliant as cop. It is Rajendra Prasad who really steals the show with his stunning performance.

It is a perfect new age cinema. I wish this film should have super success so that we can expect more natural and high standard films instead of irritating hero oriented films. It is a perfectly brilliant thriller for youngsters. Go and enjoy this entertaining thriller.

- Parvez Chowdhary