Powerstar Pawan Kalyan always surprises us with his shocking decisions. In fact the original Tamil film Ajith's 'Veeran' was an ordinary masala film. Moreover it has been dubbed and released as 'Veerudokkade'. Many cine pundits criticized Pawan's selection of this movie but Pawan once again proved them wrong. It is is screen presence and his towering personality and of course above all his unprecedented and astonishing fan following make wonders for him.

Surprisingly this very ordinary and routine entertainer got different look and shape just because of with Pawan's presence. He carried the entire film on his shoulders and make a delight watch and sure one time watch entertainer. Pawan's chemistry with bewildering beauty Shruti Haasan is always a treat to watch. The changes were done to suit Telugu audience and specially to match Pawan's stardom were good and worthy.

If we get into story It is the story of an affectionate big brother Katamarayudu (Pawan Kalyan) and his four brothers. Katamarayudu enjoys enormous respect in Rayalseema for his support to farmers and down trodden. Naturally there are many enemies who have been looking for a chance to eliminate him.

Katamarayudu remain bachelor and always insist his brothers not to get married so that you will become weak and vulnerable and lose the attacking ferocious nature. His close friend Ali has 10 year long love story but could not marry his lover for this reason. Ali finds two of his brothers are already in love then Ali and his brothers will swear to trap Katamarayudu into love.

Ali and other brothers will bring Shruti Hassan who is a classical dancer and very much peace lover. They give complete different picture about Pawan and make the admirable environment which leads Pawan and Shruti fall in love. While returning to Shruti's town along with Pawan there will be big attack on them which gives the more clear picture about how violent and ferocious he is.

The shattered and shocked Shruti leaves him and goes to her father Nassar who is a retired judge and always hate violence and a true peace lover who already lost his son for this. How Pawan gets back Shruti and how he win back their hearts is the rest of the story which you have to see on screen only.

Performances are concerned it is all about Pawan's show only. He is there in every frame and every scene. Pawan is amazing in action scenes and lovable in romantic scenes. His ease and effortless body language will mesmerize his hardcore and hysterical crazy fans. It is one more feather on his cap to prove that he is the reigning king of Tollywood film industry. this film is a complete one man show that is the towering powerstar.

Shruti Haasan is cute and beautiful. Luckily her chemistry with Pawan does wonders for her. Ali and Ajay provide adequate support. Rao Ramesh and Tarun Arora do some over the top and little irritating performances.

Well director Kishore Kumar Pardasani did a fair attempt to present it to match Telugu audience and he succeeded well in this attempt. The only drawback in his direction is his weak visualization. Most of scenes look little dull. In fact when you are making a film with superstar you should take more precautions to look every scene rich and vibrant. The editing part too look more hurry and incomplete.

Anup Rubens Music is above average and few numbers are foot tapping. Prasad Murella camera is decent but the stunts of Ram Laxman is the real bonus for this flick.

Over all it is a simple entertainer. For Pawan's fans it is a treat to watch their powerstar in their favorite style. Frankly it is a good first half and an average second half make this movie sure one time watch simple entertainer. Go and enjoy.

- Parvez Chowdhary