July 28, 2017


Hero Gopichand and director Samapth Nandi both desperately need a hit film to sustain in the film industry as their career has been in piteous stage. As far this flick is concerned director again opted a subject which we have watched many times but the way he presented hero Gopichand is quite amazing. Gopichand plays duel roles as rich and middle class roles but the way it has been presented is worth watching. In fact his new and fresh look and the transformation is a big asset to this film.

Director's intentions are pretty good and genuine. How the money plays vital roles in our lives irrespective of class is a nice subject but he should have presented this with more twists and an interesting screen play but unfortunately most of scenes are predictable for regular Telugu audience. Director showed the vast difference in life style of people in Banjara Hills and Borabanda basti in Hyderabad is quite interesting. Gopichand showed the variation and many shades in his both roles are quite commendable.

If we get into story Ghattamaneni Gautam(Gopichand) is a billionaire's son whose father is listed in richest Forbes list. One day one unusual incident realizes him that he is nobody if he is not a rich kid and he does not know the true value of life and emotions. He decides to end his life by crashing his car but it happens to hit Nanda who happens to be another Gopichand who came from a frustrated lower middle class family and wants to end his life after many humiliations.

This accident changes the life of both Goutham and Nanda. Both share their life story and replace their places to know the other side of the life. This brings lot of twists in their lives. What fatal changes will come and what will happen in the end you have to see on screen only.

Gopichand is the main asset to this film. He is looking awesome with his rich and stylish looks. He made this film watchable once with his variations in both roles. Catherine Tresa looks hot and sexy. She is really setting fire with her amazing body and personality. Hansika is a bad selection for a basti girl's role and she is not much impressive in that role.

Director did not give much importance to villains as they look pale and feeble. Director has scope to insert many twists and more interesting scenes for this script. This is the main drawback of this film but he presented every scene look very rich and elegant. For this much credit goes to camera of Soundar Rajan.

Music of SS Thaman is bad and below average. Perhaps Thaman is losing interest in music or his creativity came to a saturation point we do not know.

Over all it is a routine story but Gopichand with his terrific acting he made possible to watch at least once. There are sure few good scenes in this movie. Not a great film and of course not a bad film either. Watch it once you will sure admire Gopichand.

- Parvez Chowdhary