After a series of successful films, Vijay Antony has established a niche for himself. Vijay has given us the confidence that he will not give us a bad film. But Saithan is something very different from his earlier works. It is an interesting blend of mystery and crime. Kudos to Vijay the trust he achieved in the audience of both Tamil and Telugu audience that even in this cash crisis hard times across the India people are thronging into cinema halls right from the first show.

The story selection, honest and enormous efforts will always give you the best box office reports. This theory many times Vijay Antony adopted and proved it successfully. Even in this movie is concerned he chose a different subject which he mentioned in the titles as inspired by famous writer 'Sujatha's book. Director Pradeep Krishnamoorthy handled very nicely this smartly written script. The best part of the this thriller is the blend of super natural story to contemporary medical related heinous crime is very innovative. Above all is Vijay Antony's phenomenal performance which certainly makes this movie watchable.

Saithan talks about a man who hears voices which lead him to investigate an unsolved murder. Revealing anything more would spoil the fun. A film like Saithan is mainly watched for the surprise elements it carries. The storyline of Saithan is intriguing by itself. It is appalling, savvy and grossly unsettling. At places, you may not like what you see and even wonder if the film is losing its track but you will not wink your eyes even once and that is mainly because of the story. It must be noted that the script is inspired from one of Sujatha’s popular novels ‘Aah’.

Vijay Antony is a brilliant software engineer who is happily leading a life with his mother. He gets an request from a matrimonial website from Devagi/ Ishwarya ( Arundathi Nair), who is an orphan. Everything is nice in his happy married life but suddenly he is getting some suspicious voice which is insisting him to kill a lady named Jayalakshmi. This unusual disturbance in his life makes him little crazy and his friend takes him to a psychiatrist.

His doctor(Kitty) takes him into hypnotic therapy where Vijay reveals about his previous life happenings. To find out the truth he goes to a remote village where there was a Tamil/Telugu master cum head master who is a bachelor and adopted a boy. He is strict and punctual teacher which brought him the name as Bethaludu.

One day there is a girl named Jayalakshmi meets him who is a BA B.ed but leading a critical life due to unemployment and poverty. Vijay gives her a job as teacher and she becomes close to his small boy. To give mother's love to his adopted son he marries Jayalakshmi. Everything is going smoothly until a young English mater Natarajan comes into school. Jayalakshmi and Natarajan prefers for a lusty extra-marital affair.

Jayalakshmi and her lover Natarajan hached a murder plan and they kill Vijay and his adopted son. What is the connection between this story and present Vijay and how he resolves the mystery you have to see on screen only.

Well it is an out and out Vijay Antory's film. His performance is class and marvellous. He brought entire film on his shoulders and makes you glue to the seat until the movie ends. This is one more feather on his acting cap as he is almost popular musician already. Arundathi Nair too delivered some good performance and she is perfect selection for her role.

The back ground score by Vijay Antony is largely impressive and sets the mood very well. Cinematography by Pradeep Kalipurayath is good and manage some good thrills. Over all it is a honest effort from Vijay for a unusual script. Even if it is not a great film but it is a sure one time watch for the content and Vijay's superb performance. If you love Vijay Antony's choice of movies then you will also like this flick.

- Parvez Chowdhary