August 25, 2017


Arjun Reddy has created political controversies and sensational buzz for the variety of reasons. Let it be for the abusive words or it be for senior politician Hanumantha Rao tearing posters and the the funny remarks by Ram Gopal Varma, reasons might be many but not any other Telugu film got this much media attention particularly in social media. The result is pretty clear that movie got fantastic openings right from the premier shows.

Irrespective of the hype the movie lived up to expectations and surprised it much more. The raw content and bloody realistic scenes will shock you. Sometimes you feel amazed whether we are watching a Telugu movie. Few years ago Anurag Kashyap redefined the Devadas story with his great film 'Dev D'. Just like that 'Arjun Reddy' is much more refined Telugu version with more intensity and complexity.

Vijay Devarakonda as 'Arjun Reddy' nailed it with stunning, outstanding and astonishing performance. No doubt the new STAR is born in Telugu film industry. This guy has amazing looks, innovative and realistic acting talents. The way audience enjoyed and thundering applause for his every scene in theater is enough evidence substantiate the fact that he is going to rule the industry in future.

Rahul Ramakrishna who plays the hero’s close friend in this film is another gem for Telugu industry. What an actor he is, his timing of comedy and his effortless dialogue presentation and his one liners which gives real kick in this film. He is there almost in every scene along with hero. In fact second half has many dragging and depressive scenes it is the Rahul Ramakrishna who entertains us to keep the momentum.

If we get into story it is Arjun Reddy(Vijay Devarakonda) is a medical student who is the topper in studies and champion in every activity but with ragingly short tempered. He falls in love with his junior Preeti Shetty((Shalini Pandey ) in his medical college. Their honest, loyal and intense love makes them more passionate for each other. Since they belong to different castes Preeti's Tulu father did not accept this relationship and gets her married to a guy in his own caste.

This shocks Arjun Reddy as much that this agony almost leads him to become a bloody alcoholic and drug addict. To erase Preeti from his memory Arjun does everything but everything go unsuccessful. What will happen in the end and what will happen to Preeti and how this love story ends you have to see on screen only.

The first half is medical college campus which is entertaining, jubilant and euphoric. Second half is little dragging with too many emotional scenes yet director makes us sit and watch this 3 hour lengthy film which itself is quite challenging. Full credit to director Sandeep Reddy for his confidence and the greatest performance of Vijay Devarakonda and his stunning screen presence. New girl Shalini Pandey mesmerizes you with her sheer innocent looks.

Music by Radhan is truly nice and back ground score is bewildering. Camera by Raju Thota is innovative and very impressive.

Over all it is a cult movie. It will be a trend setter and perhaps it will change the face of Telugu films. It is a warning signal to regular masala film makers. The new generation of Telugu youth is creative and innovative and let us welcome the new Telugu cinema. Go and enjoy 'Arjun Reddy. He will entertain you and sure will haunt you for a long time.

- Parvez Chowdhary