Director Gautham Menon always maintained some unique quality while selecting the subjects. He always maintains novelty if it is romance or crime or thriller. In fact this time too he tried his best to deliver an unusual concept in innovative style. Unfortunately the bad and silly climax almost spoiled the main content and left audience disappointed a bit.

Of course there are very sparkling scenes, very decent moments in the movie. Weak villain Baba Sehgal and his entire role is badly written. There is no thrilling and anxiety when the movie reaches the climax and it is idiotic ending ( very much cinematic and silly). There is no proper sink in many scenes. The mood of the first half and sudden violent second half could not sink properly. Though the chemistry between Naga Chaitany and the new girl Manjima Mohan looks fair in first half then the second half makes you total puzzled.

After 'Premam' once again Naga Chaitanya delivers superb performance. Frankly speaking he is grooming as an actor and showing decent maturity. His awesome performance is the only USP of this entire flick. Female protagonist Manjima Mohan looks nice and beautiful but she needs more acting classes. Particularly in second half her dull performance completely spoils the emotional bonding.

If we get into story Naga Chitanya is a decent chap and enjoying life with his friends. He is about to realise his hidden guts and physical power in few silly fights with his college mates. His sister's friend Leela ( Manjima Mohan) comes to stay in his house for doing some course. Almost love at first sight for Naga Chitanya. He tries his best to attract her and she shows lot of interest in him.

Naga Chitanya loves his super bike and he does love to be more adventurous always. He plans to ride to Kanya Kumari on his lovely bike. Leela too comes along with him on this adventurous journey. Both will travel to Kanya Kumari but while returning they meet an accident. Later Naga Chaitanya comes to know that it was not an accident but an attempt to murder Leela. In fact they attacked her parents too.

So many twists do happen here. Naga Chaitanya saves Leela from many sudden attacks. Police Officer Baba Sehgal too helps the thugs who are vehemently trying to kill Leela. Meanwhile they kill Naga Chaitanya's close friend too. Instead of escaping from these attacks Naga Chaitanya comes back to find out why they are trying to kill Leela. Here is the unusual twist and this unusual ending you have to see on screen only.

AR. Rahman music is a big asset in this movie and his back ground music is outstanding. Cinematography by Dan Macarthur is fine and the shots in Kanya Kumari are cool.

If you expect too much as it is a Gautham Menon's movie then you may get little disappointed. Over all it is a one time watch if you love some unusual thrills and fine performance by Naga Chitanya.

- Parvez Chowdhary