Ashutosh Gowariker has certain class when it comes to historical and period flicks. He proved his mettle with Lagaan and Jodha Akbar. Once again with his successful combination with Hrithik Roshan and AR Rahman, he comes back with this BC (before christ) subject based on the oldest civilisation of indus valley.

The beauty and the biggest advantage of this film is the story which is totally unknown, alien, fictitious, based on his team's so called careful research by his convenient historians. Well this most unpredictable story will make you sit and watch this brilliantly picturized extravaganza. The problem we film critics face while reviewing this film is sarcastically critical because we hardly have any knowledge and research on this history. It is hypocritically unethical if we point out or criticise the logic and the facts about any scene or incidents.

As a matter of fact let us avoid scrutinising the scenes and praise the creative presentation of this movie. First of all Ashutosh Gowariker has written a brilliant and amazing script which has every element to fare well at box-office. It has nice plot, thrilling and shocking elements and a pleasing love story. Since it has total unpredictable scenes and story narration that perfectly works well with young and contemporary audience.

Hrithik Roshan's astonishing performance and his perfect warrior physique do wonders for this unconventional movie. He has charm, he has expressive eyes and he has ferocious body moments. Apart from director's impressive creative inputs this movie strictly belongs to Hrithik's phenomenal performance. Pooja Hegde is awesome and quite amusing. Instead of going for a star actress preferring a fresh face is perfect gamble.

If we get into story Hrithik Roshan lives with his uncle and aunt in a remote agricultural village. He has strong desire to see the Mohenjo Daro city which was very popular and highly civilised those days. But for variety of reasons his uncle never allows him to go there. Hrithik's strong will and determination takes him to Mohenjo Daro.

He travels to Mohenjo Daro for business. Here he get surprised to see their advanced civilisation and the people. Here he happens to see the beautiful Pooja Hegde. He rescues her from the horses. Both fall in love. Unfortunately she is already engaged to Pradhan Kabir Bedi's son Arunoday Singh. Meanwhile Hrithik makes people to rebel on the cruel pradhan who forces people to pay extra tax.

Here things take different turn. While Pooja is getting married reluctantly to Pradhan's son Hrithik attacks him. Here Pradhan fixes a competition where Hrithik should fight with dangerous cannibals, if he can kill them he can get married Pooja. How Hrithik conquers them and what will happen in the end you have to see on the screen only.

Brilliant performances, dazzling cinematic presentation make this film a must watch. AR Rahman music is a biggest asset for this movie. First half the movie is stunning and bewildering. Second half is little dragging comparatively but over all it is a perfect cinematic experience. Do not question the logic and historical points. Just watch it as a thrilling fiction flick. Enjoy this creative extravaganza in the weekend.

Overall it is a movie we can watch it once particularly for the brilliant Emraan Hashmi. Do not expect too much just go and enjoy for good songs and some melodrama.

- Parvez Chowdhary