September 29, 2017


Sharwanand once again proved his midas touch particularly in festival season. He has been quite consistent delivering successful films with family comedy entertainers. Director Maruthi too gradually attaining certain status as a clean family entertainer. The combination of these two promising youngsters generated sufficient enthusiasm among audience.

Like in 'Bhale Bhale Magadivoy', director Maruthi opted for hero's memory loss disease and presented it entertainingly and saw the big success. Ironically he once again depended on hero's tender attitude in his next film 'Babu Bangaram' with big star like Vekatesh which could not impress well. After realizing his draw back in his script now he came up with a thoroughly written and very much bankable stuff. In spite of taking again protagonist's disease, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) as main plot and comedy scenes written on his obsession for too much neatness are perfectly executed. Unlike other film makers Maruthi did not insult the disease but chose to write soft and dignified humour about the patient.

However there are so many illogical scenes while narrating the plot even after taking cinema liberty. Having many predictable scenes and no twists surely harm the movie. Whenever movie looks repetitive and dull Sharwanand and Vennela Kishore provided fantastic comedy and made this movie a sure watchable. In fact director used Vennala Kishore in second half so convincingly and his chemistry with Sharwanand was very much worth watching. Entire second half was shot in rural back ground and the sufferings of superlative hygienic Sharwanand with muddy villagers is the true oxygen for the comedy. Particularly the scene where Sharwanand takes the bath in a village lake where many do their daily ablutions plus washing the clothes and buffaloes is hilarious at the core.

If we get into story, Anand (Sharwanand) is a software firm project manager and his colleagues are his poor victims for his OCD disease. Meghana (Mehreen) joins his project as she too likes neatness this makes Anand to fall in love instantly with her. Meghana's father Ramaraju (Nasser ) approves their love. Due to Anand's obsession for neatness leads to an unusual incident which forces Meghana to say break up.

Ramaraju likes Anand and insists him to come along with them to his village. In that dusty village along the rural guys what will happen to Anand and how he gets back the love of Meghana you have to see on screen only.

When the director opts such an modern and innovative subject suddenly he goes for a silly and out dated climax of wrestling competition and whichever team wins will decide the village president post is ridiculous. He should have gone for a new and an interesting climax.

As far as performances are concern Sharwand delivered one more sizzling performance. His comedy timing is brilliant and he is maturing as a versatile hero in Tollywood. Heroin Mehreen looks so beautiful and her screen presence is quite pleasant and charming. Vennela Kishore is once again out standing. Nasser is perfect as adorable father. Kalyani Natarajan as Sharwand's single mother looks very pleasing, she may get more roles in Tollywood after this role.

S.Thaman music is good after a long time. His songs are good and his back ground score is perfect. Camera by Nizar Shafi is a big asset as every frame and visual is rich and quite vibrant . Technically director Maruthi did a splendid job as entire film looks very peppy.

Over all it is a cool and clean complete family entertainer. This movie will sure attract every class. This has huge potential to be a clear winner for Dussehra festive occasion. Go and watch this movie with your whole family.

- Parvez Chowdhary