May 19, 2017


Hero Nikhil has been maintaining his career with perfect selection of stories and neat presentation. These days particularly a hero without having any family support and any god father yet surviving substantially well only depending on his own talent is truly remarkable. Right from his 'Swamy Ra Ra' almost every film has different and innovative concepts. Frankly speaking even top Tollywood super stars do not have such exceptional record.

Well this director Sudheer Varma only gave him first big commercial hit like 'Swamy Ra Ra', obviously their combination will create some enthusiasm among the youth and movie buffs. Well as far as 'Keshava' film is concerned it is a brutal revenge thriller. It has been presented in a tremendous style along with amazing cinematography. First half was outstanding but when movie enters into second half suddenly it looks more routine revenge stuff. Except pre-climax twist almost every scene looks more routine and predictable.

Even if story is routine the presentation value has unique class. There are no dragging scenes and preachy stuff. The pace of the film is study and accelerates in some parts. The real USP and the back bone of the film is Nikhil's immense and stupendous performance. His top-notch acting makes this film sure one time watch.

Comedy tracks of Priyadarshi and Vennela Kishore provided good relief. Stunning camera angles accelerate the thrilling element. Full marks to cinematographer Divakar Mani.

If we get into story movie starts with an accident. While Nikhil is a small boy his family only meets this accident by the vehicle of drunk policemen. without any concern and sympathy they leave them at their horrible fate. Nikhil loses his parents and his younger sister becomes handicapped.

This horrific incident changes the entire mindset of Nikhil and makes him a cruel serial killer to take brutal revenge. Years later Nikhil joins Law college and starts killing every cop with perfect planning and execution. Here he meets his childhood friend Ritu Varma. One more classmate friend Priyadarshi will also help him in his most dangerous endeavor.

Police department will appoint a dynamic IPS officer Isha Koppikar to nab the serial cop killer. How does she solve this case and how does Nikhil eliminate all those brutal cops is the rest of the story which you have to see on screen only.

Isha Koppikar too did a decent job but her character should have defined well rather looks more vulnerable. There is one more draw back in the film is the rare heart decease of Nikhil which has not been explained and of course missed a chance to exploit that to give more thrilling elements.

Director Sudheer Varma tried his best to present a decent thriller with outdated story. It is Nikhil's excellent performance which made this film watch worthy. It does not have many commercial entertaining scenes. If you like thrillers then you will sure like this film too. Do watch it for Nikhil and his classic performance.

- Parvez Chowdhary