So many things are at stake for this film. Firstly a supreme star of Tollywood film industry, after 8 years at the age of 60 is taking his second innings that too in a full commercial entertaining flick along with much pretty young actress. This is truly amazing spirit of megastar Chiranjeevi and he should be appreciated for being a natural role model to all young heroes.

Many of film fraternity might have seen the original Tamil version of 'Kaththi' and are familiar with the story-line of this movie. Interestingly what exact worked in the favour of this film is the way director V.V.Vinayak presented Chiru in a most admirable way as his hardcore fans love to watch him. Just a decade ago Chiranjeevi was enjoying the star status which no other contemporary hero can ever imagine. That legendary status is perfectly exploited by the director and served with more spicy masala. The amazing stunts, fabulous dances and applauding dialogues with over the top heroism, then what else his hysterical fans can want more than this.

If we get into story movie starts in Kolkata central jail where Kaththi Seenu(Chiranjeevi), a thief breaks the jail and escapes with his cunning talents. He comes back to Hyderabad to meet his friend Malli(Ali), his old partner. He plans to go to Bangkok but in airport he happens to see Lakshmi( Kajal Aggarwal) and falls in love with her. He cancels his trip and firmly decides to woo her and win her love.

Meanwhile Kaththi Seenu happens to see some thugs shot a guy and escapes. He takes that injured guy to the hospital and who happens to look exact like him. Then he changes the identity and cloths so that Police will assume he is the Seenu and arrest him from the Hospital. While with mistake identity Collector invites Seenu and gives him 25 lakh cheque but in the presence of many old people in an old age home. A guy in that home tares down the cheque so the greedy Seenu stays there to get one more cheque. As Lakshmi's grand father also living there Seenu stays back there.

Meanwhile Seenu comes to know this is the place of that injured guy Shankar(Chiranjeevi) for whom the people of this village have lot of affection and love. The crooked corporate guy Aggarwal (Tarun Arora) gives 15 crore to Seenu to get signatures of the old men. Meanhile Seenu comes to know the reality of Shankar and the evil designs of Corporate goons who wanted to snatch away the land. The way Shankar stood for them and fights back for their land and the sacrifices of 8 old men who gave up their lives to protect Shankar.

This entire story brings enormous change in Seenu and he firmly takes the decision to stand for these vulnerable people and rescue them from that notorious corporate gang. How Seenu achieve this tough task and what happens to real Shankar who was in Kolkata jail you have to see on screen only.

The contemporary politics and the plight of agricultural farmers and the evil designs of state administration and the corporate sector is nicely exposed. Most of dialogues of Chiranjeevi on govt get good response in theater. Since it has contemporary significance and burning issue so it gets maximum attention too.

When it comes to performance it is all about one and only Chinrajeevi and it is completely his mega show. He did act like true legend with his elegant style and magnificent ease. Kajal Aggarwal looks so pretty and sexy and except dances and songs she has nothing to do much. Ali and Bramhanandam are just ok. Villain Tarun Arora is a bad choice of director and he is a big minus to this film.

Devi Sri Prasad Music is a big asset to this film. Songs and background score is excellent. Camera by Ratnavelu is good and dance and stunt choreography is damn good.

Over all it is a brilliant come back film for Mega star Chiranjeevi. He once again proved that he still has power to give to give tough time to all the young heroes. His screen presence and his charisma is unmatchable. If you are Chiru fan then you will love this film and go crazy about it and if you are not his fan then also it is a decent watch movie for you. Go and enjoy it.

- Parvez Chowdhary