September 21, 2017


In fact young tiger NTR's career is on tremendous form with hatrick of hits. Reasons may be various but not any film in recent times created such huge hype like this flick. Perhaps the triple roles played by NTR might be an essential reason, not any other star attempted this in recent decade. Particularly the much hyped Jai role with negative shades certainly generated more enthusiasm among his hardcore fans as well as normal audience. Let us see whether it could match up to attained hype level.

Director Bobby (K. S. Ravindra) after making decent debut with Ravi Teja's 'Power' got unexpected chance with Pawan Kalyan for 'Sardar Gabbar Singh'. Unfortunately he could't capitalize it as it got hard fate at Box office. Despite having a flop film Bobby managed to impress NTR and getting another golden chance is a significant achievement. when you got a golden opportunity you should come out with an extraordinary script and an astonishing screenplay. Unfortunately Bobby opted for an age old story which was ironically being used in senior NTR's period. Except the phenomenal role of 'Jai' which is exceptionally innovative to telugu audience but the entire movie is easily predictable. Not a single twist in the entire film and almost routine screen play. Only it is the NTR's unprecedented performance saved this film and he powered this humongous task on his shoulders.

The way director Bobby showed the immense concentration on the role of Jai, had he put minimal attention on remaining Lava and Kusa roles it could have been a historical block buster. Particularly the softy role of Lava NTR played adorably with cute innocence and charming. Since Jai's role is more attention grabbing and fascinating audience may not notice much of Lava's role. Having three different roles with similar looks and same body structure yet NTR managed to show the distinction which proves his acting caliber.

If we get into story Jai, Lava and Kusa are triplet brothers. Big brother Jai is more affectionate towards his two brothers. Their family lives performing mythological plays. Lava and Kusa are given importance while Jai is mistreated due to his stammering. A fire accident separates all three. Lava becomes a bank manager with softy nature. Kusa (NTR), a petty thief who is on a mission to fly to USA to loot in dollars. Jai, by taking Ravana as his role model becomes a dreaded gang leader who builds his own rowdy empire.

Jai aka Ravan Maharaj enters into political arena. Politics are entirely different from his attitude so he kidnaps his two brothers and force them to help in his endeavour. Whether Jai achieve this and what will happen to their sibling rivalry you have to see on screen only.

There are so many loop holes in the plot. Though director takes more cinema liberty yet we can find many logical blunders through out the movie. However It is a NTR's phenomenal one man show. Right from the beginning he carries the movie merely on his shoulders with his stunning and stellar performance. This movie certainly remains a milestone film to judge his acting capability.

Well the female protagonists Rashi Khanna and Niveda Thomas have very minor roles where hardly they get chance to show enough of their talent. But Rashi Khanna looks gorgeous and did job decently. Talented Bollywood villain Ronit Roy making his debut in Tollywood but his role is weakly written and wasted his talent. Posani and Sai Kumar are ok in their roles.

Devi Sri Prasad songs are not very impressive but his back ground score is amazing. Chota K Naidu's camera work is a good asset and the he showed NTR on screen is quite majestic. Though director Booby's story is mediocre but the dialogues he wrote for Jai's role are elegant.

Over all it is an out and out NTR's film. His fans will go hysterical by his astonishing performance. For normal audience it is strictly advised to not to expect much from this routine story but sure you can watch it once specially for the memorable performance of NTR.

- Parvez Chowdhary