For variety of reasons this movie is a come back film for highly talented and mostly under rated bollywood actor Abhay Deol and pretty actress Diana Penty. Well it is some what a happy news for him as this movie has some promising positive things to do well at Box Office and sure it will be appreciated for his impressive and dignified performance.

The producer of this movie Aanand L Rai has left show much of his stamp from his hit series of 'Tanu Weds Manu'. Young director Mudassar Aziz presented the female protagonist Diana Penty charecter very much similar of Kareena Kapoor's "Jab We Met'. Well if we keep aside the drawbacks of this film there is positive stuff too. It has clean and healthy comedy and amazing performances of four male characters.

Abhay Deol absolutely steals the show. His dignified and alluring screen presence will tempt you to adore and admire him. As an young Pakistani Politician Bilal Ahmed. His mesmerising performance made this film a sure one time watch. Jimmy Sheirgill too does a neat acting but which reminds you of his past Tanu Weds Manu kind of stuff. Ali Fazal wins your heart with his cute lover boy role. Ultimately the most memorable acting is nothing but Piyush Mishra. He makes you laugh every moment he comes on screen with his pure Urdu in the role of Pakistani cop Usman Afridi.

This movie breaks the regular rules of Bollywood. It shows Pakistan and the people in different aspect. No more routine patriotic dialogues but it deals more with love, emotions and human bindings with great sense of understanding. It perfectly connects the human angle. No more preachy dialogues and stereo typing of regular bollywood formulas. It certainly crosses the border with more maturity and universal appeal.

The first half of the film is perfectly well written and thoroughly picturised. The sharp and humorous one liners. Splendid performances by each and every characters is a big asset to this flick. Only drawback is the second half. Like most of bollywood films where second half always go dull and bit half baked. Had director written better second half screen play then it could have become a super comedy film in this season. Yet this film promises you some humorous and funny moments.

If we get into story Happy( Diana Penty) is a lovely Punjabi girl who firmly believes in what she wants and get it at any cost. She falls in love with Guddu( Ali Fazal) who is a singer but Happy's father(kanwaljit singh) does not like him and he forces his daughter to get married a powerful corporator Duggu(Jimmy Shergill) in Amritsar.

Happy does not like this marriage and runs away from the wedding hall as planned by Guddu. Unfortunately she jumps into another flower van with mangoes which was supposed to deliver to Pakistani Governor(Javed Sheik) as friendship gesture from Indian Embassy to Pakistani Embassy. These baskets directly reaches to Governor's son Bilal Ahmed's(Abhay Deol) room. Bilal Ahmed's father wishes his son to become most popular politician in Pakistan.

Bilal tries his best to deport Happy to India but she refuses to go but stay adamant to help him to get her to join with her boy friend otherwise she will call media and malign his image. Bilal will get into more trouble as to convince his fiancee(Momal Sheikh) as he has no affair with Happy. Later she is convinced and helps Bilal in this attempt of taking Happy to meet her boy friend Guddu.

Bilal takes the help of Lahore ACP Usman Afridi(Piyush Mishra) and both of them goto India and bring Guddu to Lahore. Mean while the heartbroken bridegroom Duggu too comes to Lahore. Here starts the funny chase. How Bilal bring both Happy and Guddu together is the rest of the story.

Music of Sohail Sen is ok but his back ground score is amazing. Camera of Saurabh Goswami is amazing who has shown Pakistan with different eye and it was awesome.

Well it is feel good, clean and neat comedy and family entertainer. Since there are no big releases in this week this movie has better chance to shine at box-office. Though it is not a great film but you can sure watch it out once for Abhay Deol and Piyush Mishra.

- Parvez Chowdhary