Obviously Balakrishna is the only name will strike when it comes to powerful historical drama. His screen presence as a powerful king and his effortless dialogue delivery gives more punch and authenticity to such robust roles. When it comes to a dynamic Telugu warrior king role Balayya's big fan following in Telugu states can easily substantiate a lot.

Director Krish has created himself a special place among Tollywood directors with variety of films. After having national award for his film 'Kanche' he took Telugu cinema to a different level. Of course this is a huge and prestigious project for him. He did full justice to this flick as well. Nevertheless we can not compare with Rajamouli's stature along with 'Bahubali' but Krish too proved few positive things. Krish did not take 4 year to complete a film and did not spend such humongous budget. Krish is successful to finish a nice a film in one year with allotted budget.

Despite all other facts worked well for this film but it is none other than Balakrishna who made this film watchable with his life time performance. He is there in every scene and in every frame. It is his magnificent and dazzling performance which makes audience to sit and watch entire film. Specially Sai Madhav Burra's brilliant dialogues provide the real energy and splendid momentum.

If we get into story of the film is based on Gautamiputra Satakarni(Balakrishna), one of the most powerful kings who belonged to the Satavahana dynasty in India.

Satakarni dreams of seeing entire country as one kingdom under one king. He goes on waging wars against many kings to become that ultimate power. In the process, differences crop up between him and his wife Vasishti (Shriya). Taking his mother's advice, Satakarni decides to put an end to his endless warfare by waging one last war for peace.

Krish is famous for his strong drama and emotions but in this movie he lacks them so much. There is not much story in this flick but he concentrated too much on war scenes. In fact 40% of the film we will see only stabbing and killing visuals which at one point appears too much exhaustive. He should have concentrated much on second half screenplay. Like Rajamouli if gives perfect balance between war and drama that gives full satisfaction to the audience.

Performances are concerned it is one and only Balakrishna who steals the show. He is at his best and delivered life time performance. Shriya Saran is nice and she too has given memorable performance. Hema Malini provides more dignity to her role. Chirantan Bhatt music is OK but back ground score is not upto the mark. Camera by Gnana Shekar is awesome.

Overall it is a must watch film for all the Telugu audience to know more about our unsung King. It is a visual treat and great feast to Balakrishna fans and a decent watch to rest of the audience. Go and enjoy your Sankranti movie.

- Parvez Chowdhary