Once in a while Bollywood action heroes do get some good flicks which has some unusual script with amazing thrills. Perhaps now good time started for John. This Force sequel is far better than first one. It has an interesting story line. It has spectacular stunts and some good performances too. Particularly Tahir Raj Bhasin who is main antagonist in this flick has delivered stunning and brilliant performance. In fact his incredible performance made this movie a must watch.

Director Abhinay Deo opted a subject which has novelty and very contemporary. Of late we have been watching many movies with too much dose of patriotism. This movie stands little different from those regular patriotism bashing. It has unique story line which is alien to regular bollywood audience. Unlike routine terrorist either from Pakistan or middle east, this movie more about RAW and the opportunistic Indian politics. This fresh story line can sure be liked by regular bollywood movie buffs.

If we get into story movie starts with chilling murders of three RAW agents in China by their establishment. These murders will shake the Indian RAW and entire department will get into action to find out the killers and the reasons. Meanwhile one of the murdered RAW agent happens to be the close buddy of John Abraham and he did send a book which can provide some clues which can lead to get some start up to chase the case.

Indian HRD minister's tour to Hungary is fixed and the Chief Secretary has assigned the project to John, which is to protect the minister and find out the mistery of the chain killing os RAW agents. John Abraham has to work under Sonakshi Sinha, a talented RAW officer. Both will lead to Budapest to chase the culprit who is leaking the RAW agents list to China.

The moment they land in Budapest, there will be hazardous murder attempt on them. This will lead them to find out who is behind all these activities. They chase an RAW employee Tahir Raj Bhasin who is handling all these things with a name Shiv Sharma. John and Sonakshi do reach his residence and chase him out but succeeded in nabbing him. While bringing him return to India there will be lot of attacks on them but Shiv Sharma manage to escape from them.

Later Indian authorities do find that the name which he is using is a dead person's identity. In fact his original name is Rudra Pratap Singh, a son of an ex-RAW agent. Why he is doing such a cruel game and why he has so much hatred towards India and the establishment you have to see on screen only.

Well John Abraham does some decent job. He looks awesome with his outstanding muscular physique. Sure it is a terrific feast to his fans particularly his female fans. Sonakshi Sinha is good but she does not have much scope to prove her performance not even her glamour. It is Tahir Raj Bhasin who steals the show. He has lot of future and he is going to stay in Bollywood for a very long time. Cinematography by Imre Juhasz and Mohan Krishna is truly amazing to accelerate the pace of the flick.

Over all director Abhinay Deo has done his best to present a fair action thriller. It has many good elements to like this film. It is a must watch for your weekend.

- Parvez Chowdhary