June 23, 2017


Stylish Star Allu Arjun is on tremendous form after back to back hits like 'Race Gurram', 'S/o Sathyamurthy', and 'Sarrainodu'. In fact the brahmin controversy gave huge free publicity from media. Whatever DJ generated sufficient enthusiasm to bring audience to the cinema theaters.

Director Harish Shankar punch dialogues are outstanding something like "Nenu Binamini kaadu sunaamini", Bachelors enni rojulu selfielu teesukuntaaru", "Vijayawada ante paina amma vaaru kinda Kamma vaaru". Well Movie has highly talented Allu Arjun and his amazing portrayal of Brahmin role with fine accent and stunning curvy beauty Pooja Hegde and their chemistry which worked well. But the problem is with the story line which has nothing to offer any novelty. Right from 90's we have been watching these subjects. The central point is something similar to Shankar's first film Arjun's 'Gentleman'. The story and screenplay is a big drawback to this movie.

If we get into story Allu Arjun is Duvvada Jagannadham from a middle class brahmin family. Their livilihood is Annapurna Catering Services in Vijayawada. Arjun can not tolerate crime and atrocities on innocents. With the help of a honest police officer, Murali Sharma, he eliminates the criminals under name DJ. He falls in love with a rich home minister's daughter Pooja Hegde. First she rejects him and later comes back to him.

Meanwhile Royyala Naidu (Rao Ramesh) is a rich builder but relentless criminal in disguise. He is involved in Agro Diamond scam with the help of a binami. This scam involves thousands of lives. DJ takes up this case and how he chase them out and punish Royyala Naidu is the rest of the story.

Allu Arjun is brilliant in brahmin role with funny accent. He is immensely stylish in modern outfit. His extraordinary dances and terrific stunts are the real asset for this film. The entire film revolves around him which he cleverly handled on his shoulders. Pooja Hegde is awesome and too much hot. Her over skin show is a bonus for the youngsters. Rao Ramesh is simply amazing. He reminds you completely like his father Rao Gopala Rao. His every scene is hilarious. Finally Telugu industry got an interesting entertaining villain.

Devi Sri Prasad music is the back bone for this film. All hit numbers and foot tapping and his back ground score is excellent. Bollywood cameraman Ayananka Bose presented this film as a visual treat. Director Harish very rich presentation is worthy but lack of story value and poor predictable screen play let down this flick.

If you are a bunny fan then it is a treat and hugely entertaining. It is a routine stuff to normal audience. Good first half, songs and comedy made this film one time watch with no high expectations.

- Parvez Chowdhary