Many questioned the Ram Charan's decision of remaking this Tamil blockbuster 'Thani Oruvan' as it is a movie predominantly Villain oriented film that too the evergreen handsome of entire South Indian film Industry Arvind Swamy stunned with his cold blooded performance. There is huge difference between Tamil Jayam Ravi and Ram Chran. The huge fan following for Ram Charan is big obstacle as his fans can not accept the antagonist having same screen space than their favourite star. Kudos to Ram Charan accepting this challenge and indeed gave a terrific performance. Unfortunately the main antagonist Arvind Swamy has perfect author backed role and his killer looks set the screen on fire. Certainly he steals the show like a Hollywood Star but it is very unfair not to appreciate Ram Charan's equally brilliant performance. As an actor Ram Charan groomed a lot and he showed the perfect maturity in every frame. His intense and composed performance certainly prove a thing that he has huge potential to shine in industry for a long time. His robust physique does enhance his powerful cop role. His bold voice and his herculean body is a perfect mixer to be a perfect action hero.

The real appreciation for the director Surender Reddy who has taken this already successful flick to an another level. Remakes are always tough but his extra efforts and rich presentation provided additional strength to this movie. Without disturbing the main plot and the mood of the film he managed perfect balance. We should appreciate Ram Charan as he did not compel for more scenes to high-lite his stardom just to satisfy his fans. This is a good change in Tollywood as most of star heroes are sticking to the subject than boasting with unnecessary scenes. Rakul Preet Singh is so pretty and of course delivered a decent performance.

As far as story is concerned Siddharth Abhimanyu (Arvind Swamy) is a son of a poor man(Posani). Siddharth at the age of 15 itself he managed to utilise an opportunity to make his idiotic innocent father to become a MLA. He grabs every opportunity to his benefit. He is genius and enjoying his perverted intelligence. Not only this he becomes padmashree award winning scientist too.

Dhruva( Ram Charan) is an orphan but brought up in hard conditions but thinks differently from a routine guy. He has zeal to do great service to the society and opts to become a police officer. In his IPS training he becomes close to four more friends with same thinking and ideology. They all want to wipe out the crminals and Dhruva leads them in forefront. Rakul Preet Singh is also his batch mate and she falls in love with Dhruva but he does not encourage this as his goals are different.

Dhruva finds the link in every small crime to a big national and international connection, He finds the central point of all crimes that is Siddharth Abhimanyu. A Swiss company wants to help poor Indians with generic medicine so that poor in India can avail the costliest medicine in cheapest price. This will almost ruin the profit oriented Indian pharmaceutical companies. Siddharth does not like this and he kills that Swiss company MD and stops this generic medicines to enter India so that he can sell his medicines and mint huge money.

This evil design of Siddharth will be detected by Dhruva. How Dhruva can handle such a highly genius criminal and how he can eliminate him is the rest of the story which you have to see on screen only.

Performances are concerned Ram Charan and Arvind Swamy are truly treat to watch. Rakul is pretty and perfect. Posani is hilarious. All accommodate good performances.

Back ground music by Hiphop Tamizha is very good but his songs are just OK. Cinematography P. S. Vinod is visual treat. Director Surender Reddy presented entire film with visually rich with nice sets.

Over all it is a nice remake film. Ram Charan and Arvind Swamy confronting performances are visual treat. A must watch film for the brilliant script and creative presentation.

- Parvez Chowdhary