To begin with a special note to all King Khan fans that it is not a full fledged Shah Rukh Khan's film. He has very little screen time and the sole protagonist of the movie is Alia Bhatt. Yet there is some good news to the fans that in his brief role Shah Rukh Khan will leave you spellbound with his captivating looks and his fascinating acting. However people expecting this to be a typical Bollywood romcom and out and out Shah Rukh Khan movie, may get disappointed.

Talented director Gauri Shinde who gave a super hit movie like 'English Vinglish' in which she highlighted the problems of parents but this time she brings the sufferings of the kids in urban upbringing. The entire movie goes around the emotional outbreak of Kaira (Alia Bhatt). A teenage girl with so many confused emotions and many characteristic changes according to situations. She is a budding and talented camera-woman and aspiring director.

Kaira has many failed relationships in the past with Sid(Angad Bedi) and a rich hotelier and a handsome creative producer Raghuvendra (Kunal Kapoor). When she comes to know Raghuvendra gets engaged then she is completely shell shocked and unable to cope up the situation as it hurts her more emotionally. She comes back to Goa to her parents. Here she is constantly bugged by her parents and family friends to get married.

Kaira loses her patience and as well as her peace of mind subsequently she loses her total sleep for a long time. She comes to know about Dr Jehangir Khan aka Jug (Shah Rukh Khan) a renowned psychiatrist. . She needs some treatment for her sleepless nights. She meets him and she reveals her every emotions and shares her every pain. She finds a genius guy, a smooth listener and a best friend in Dr. Khan.

In between she meets a singer Rumy(Ali Zafar) in Goa and finds more attractive and seductive too. This relationship too she shares with Dr.Khan. However Rumy's too much passion for his singing and her least interest in Music leads her to dump this relationship too.

The aversion for Goa and parents, the real reason behind this ultimately she discloses to Dr.khan. He consoles her and suggests her the solution too. How things become quite normal in her life and how can she looks the beauty of the like you have to see on screen only.

Well It is a different script as far as regular Bollywood stuff. It has passion, it has entertainment and it has inner pain and trauma too. It is a hard showcase of urban agony. A bold and matured script by Gauri Shinde which she handled with utmost honesty. It is one of the life time best role for Alia Bhatt which she performed with supreme excellence. She has every quality to become a legendary actress in new generation of actors. Sha Rukh Khan has small screen space but he does extinguish with his enthralling performance.

Music by Amit Trivedi is a sweat and soothing. Camera by Laxman Utekar is nice and he captures the locations and of course the emotions of Alia and Shah Rukh so well.

Over all this movie more appeal with urban and multiplexes crowd. Though the second half a bit slow but the last 15 minustes makes it a nice viewing.It does well with youth though it is not routine romcom but the superlative performance of Alia and mesmerising presence of Shah Rukh will make you sure a must watch movie.

- Parvez Chowdhary