February 10, 2018


VV Vinayak is one of the best commercial film directors of last decade. Having said that, it is hard to believe that the recently released dud, "Inttelligent" was directed by him. Is this film the final nail in the coffin for this once-ace director?

Vinayak's last few films have been mediocre at their best. If not for the charisma of Megastar Chiranjeevi and the hype surrounding his 'comeback', even 'Khaidi No.150' would have been a debacle. The fact that no star hero showed interest to work with Vinayak after 'Khaidi No.150' tells how much his contribution in that film's success was.

After films like 'Akhil' and 'Alludu Seenu' damaged his reputation and Khaidi No.150 didn't help in anyway, Vinayak directed Sai Dharam Tej in his bid to prove himself. But, the film has received utterly poor talk and shockingly low openings, indicating that Vinayak's era is almost over.

Except Rajamouli, all star directors have delivered disasters. For ex. when Sukumar (Jagadam, Nenokkadine) and Trivikam (Khaleja) delivered disasters, there was conviction among audiences that they would come back strong and they did. But, after watching Inttelligent, it is evident that Vinayak hasn't updated with the changing times and is still stuck in past decade. Novelty doesn't seem to be in his dictionary. He at least used to make engaging and entertaining films with routine stories but he seems to have lost that ability too.

Leave aside star heroes, even mid-range heroes may not dare to work with Vinayak after 'Inttelligent'.