January 08, 2018


After tasting success at the box office with Dongata and Kittu Unnadu Jagrattha, Tollywood filmmaker Vamsi Krishna Naidu has now decided to work on a biopic for his next outing and has chosen the life of Tiger Nageswara Rao, a notorious thief of Stuartpuram in the 1970's, to bring alive on reel.

Speaking about the film, Vamsi Krishna says, "I had prepared the script on Nageswara Rao's life even before Dongata. I was deeply inspired by Mani Ratnam's Nayakudu and had always wanted to make a proper biopic. But I wanted to establish myself in the industry first. Now, I feel the time is ripe to go ahead with this project." Nageswara Rao was a daredevil robber of Stuartpuram who managed to give authorities the slip on many occasions after being caught. In fact, it was one such escape from a Chennai jail that earned him the moniker 'Tiger' had. The 'Tiger' was eventually shot dead by the police in 1987.

Elaborating further, Vamsi says, "Society in general knows Nageswara Rao only as a thief. But he was a sort of Robin Hood for the poor. He used to distribute the proceeds from his burglaries among the poor. He helped many destitute people in various ways and sponsored the education of many students. So, there's a very humane side to him. But more importantly, when he was 6-7 years old and went to school, he was not encouraged at all and ultimately was forced to drop out because he was from Stuartpuram. He did not get a fair deal in life owing to the place where he was born. My film will showcase all these unknown aspects of him." The film will be made on a large scale and recreate the ambience of the era in which Nageswara Rao lived.

While the filmmaker has been on the lookout for a suitable protagonist, it is learnt that Rana Daggubati is in talks for the role. Apparently, Vamsi Krishna felt that Rana would be a perfect match. Although the filmmaker is considering a couple of other options, talks have been initiated with the actor and things are pretty positive so far.