January 08, 2018


Actress Poonam Kaur, who has become a soft target, a sort of scapegoat in the long-going feud between Kathi Mahesh and Pawan Kalyan's fans, has sought the help of the Jana Sena Chief to bail her out of the detrimental controversy.

Presumably hurt and depressed by her personal life being dragged in the ongoing controversy, Poonam took to Twitter just a while ago and requested Pawan Kalyan's help. She pleaded that her career, family and respect are at stake because of some vested interests targeting her personal life. She sought Pawan's appointment so that she can meet him and explain her situation.

"I do not want to become a political target for people's hidden agendas," wrote Poonam, conveying that her reverence for Pawan is being misrepresented by some people having hidden agendas.

What's surprising is that Poonam Kaur resorting to social media to seek Pawan's appointment. Can't she meet Pawan directly or talk on phone in the capacity of a celebrity or an admirer or for that matter, a victim in the ongoing controversy? Why did she have to request Pawan on the public platform at a time when she is completely under the radar?

Adding further confusion and mystery to the story, Poonam Kaur deleted her tweets, through which she requested Pawan's help, within minutes after sharing them on public platform.

Interestingly, Poonam also appeared to have decided to patch up with Kathi Mahesh to end the controversy over her personal life.

She tweeted another message, in reaction to the vulgar comments being made by some fans of Pawan Kalyan dragging Kathi Mahesh’s mother, sister and wife into the murky episode.

In her retweet to a message which read: “Kathi, what’s the secret about your mother?” Poonam said: “Whoever this is, you are not going to degrade anyone’s mother! I sincerely request! Please.”

May be, it is a message even to Kathi Mahesh, who tried to drag Poonam’s mother into the war against Pawan Kalyan.