January 08, 2018


Mahesh Kathi announced his willingness to contest against Pawan Kalyan in 2019 Assembly Elections. When quizzed who is behind him, He denied having any such hidden forces and declared he is gonna contest as Independent against Powerstar.

Kathi asked why Pawan Kalyan hasn't been condemning when his Fans were issuing death threats to him. Then, Mediapersons pointed out the statement of Jagan during Nandyal by-poll, 'Chandrababu Ni Nadi Road Meda Kalchina Thappu Ledu' and questioned him whether he condemned it. The Film Reviewer claimed he did condemn it and provoking violence can't be supported in democracy. 'It's wrong who ever might say it, even if it's Jagan,' he said.

Informing that he took a resolution on January 1st, Mahesh Kathi declares he would no more urge but fights for his rights against Pawan Kalyan. He claims to be fighting for his existence, self respect and freedom of speech. 'I won't even care for my life. I would fight for my self respect. Pawan Kalyan isn't a Swamiji to say quotes or adages,' he opined.