June 08, 2018


The mainstream media has been avoiding Sri Reddy big time. We know why. But now, she is battling using the social media, that has been her strength and that is where she came from originally creating a sensation. She has been occasionally throwing bits and pieces on Rana and others.

Recently, she took on Nani again. Looks like, she wants to be in the media space, again. That could be the reason why she has added spice in the tweet that reads, ‘Nani + Sri Reddy = ‘Dirty Picture’?’. There had been many gossips making rounds that Sri Reddy tried to be the part of ‘Big Boss 2, Telugu’ which is going to be hosted by Nani. Though she seems to be desperately trying to be in the mainstream media space again, it’s not going to be possible until she has got something solid as an evidence for all of her allegations on Nani. But, we hope that this ‘Dirty Picture’ is not another sensation.

Sri Reddy tweets @MsSriReddy :

"Nani + Sri reddy = Dirty picture.... When ?? Coming Soon .. On the Way ??

నాని గాడి రాసలీలలు అన్ని బయట పెడతా, కాసుకోర నాని, నీ కాపురం లో నిప్పులే