April 16, 2017


Actress and ex-Bigg Boss contestant, Sofia Hayat, who had turned a nun and goess by the name of Gaia Mother Sofia Hayat, claims she was sexually assaulted at Mecca, the holiest place on Earth in Islam. The actress was there with her fiance Vlad, who she recently announced her engagement to.

She has been in Mecca for the last few days performing her second Umrah. However, the actress posted a video detailing the incident that took place with her as she went to touch the black stone of the Kaabah.

On Friday night, Hayat posted a video on Instagram which detailed the incident and she captioned the video saying "Islam respects women. A man must not touch a woman that is not his wife, or be violent to her. That is why I love Islam. These rules however do not apply in Mecca. Men forget the rules when they go there. Today on my 2nd umrah as I attempted again to touch the black stone, I was being pushed by men. One man was pushing his genitals into me from behind..the women's queue is non existent because men have used their physical strength to push women out of the way. As I was about a metre from the black stone, I was pushed so hard against my ribs I could not breath. I was scared, so I decided to turn back, as I did, men kept pushing, and my hijab came off and got caught between the pushing men, I was being dragged back by it and was started to be strangled by it. I screamed."

She then talked about how she was saved by a few men from the crowd. "Suddenly a few good men saw what was happening and came to my rescue. I am so shaken up and sad that at the house of God; men do not care about the words in the Quran. Allah is in me and she says to me that if a man thinks he will go to Jannat by touching the black stone yet disregards the respect Islam has for women, then your Hajj or Umrah is useless. In the house of Allah women are being disrespected." Her fiance, Vlad, was also in the video, expressing his anxiety at the time.

Hayat posted another picture soon after of a screenshot of an Islamic Q&A about behaviour of Muslims around the holy stone.

The actress has been constantly posting pictures and videos of her Umrah on Instagram with Vlad.