May 18, 2017


Rumours of Rajinikanth planning to join politics have increased ever since he decided to hold his first meet-and-greet session with fans after eight years. He further added fuel to the fire on day one of the four-day event being held in Chennai, when he said, "If God wills it, I will enter politics tomorrow."

This was followed by union minister Pon Radhakrishnan’s statement that Bhartiya Janata Party will welcome Rajinikanth’s entry into politics or to the party.

When Rajinikanth was asked about Radhakrishan’s comment on the third day of the meet with fans on Wednesday, the megastar didn’t rule out the possibility and said, "Whatever I had to say I said, now I have nothing more to say.”

Rajinikanth's refusal to give a concrete response to the query has left many wondering if the superstar has actually not overlooked the possibility of joining the ruling party.

The megastar had also previously asked his fans not to be disappointed if he doesn’t join politics and also regretted his decision to support the DMK during the 1996 assembly elections.