June 08, 2018


Jana Sena Chief consoled the families of his deceased fans in Payakarao Peta on Friday. Two Fans identified as Siva and Naganna died of electrocution on Tuesday night while setting up party flexi ahead of Powerstar's visit.

During his Visakha tour, Pawan Kalyan came all guns blazing at the TDP Government. 'This Government says Bauxite Mining has been stopped but it's continuing it in the disguise of laterite. I have the strong desire to fight against the corrupt system. Issues won't be resolved with films. They will be addressed only if we question the rulers by holding their colars,' he commented.

PK informed about the threats issued to him when he demanded Special Category Status. He revealed, 'I asked them to do whatever they can after saying I won't change my stand. I won't be scared of anything'.

While reacting on statements of CM & Nara Lokesh that no land encroachments happened under TDP rule, Jana Senani asked them about allegations of Minister Ayyanna Patrudu about land mafia in Visakha. 'If your cabinet minister complains about encroachments, Where is the need for any other proof? TDP Govt claimed it signed MoUs worth Rs 1.5 lakh crore for setting up Industries in AP. Where are those Industries? I have come here to question the corruption of this government. My Speeches aren't written by anyone, they come from my heart,' he said.

Pawan regretted not contesting in 2014 Elections - 'I would have questioned the injustice done by the Government even with 5 to 10 seats. Supported TDP for corruption-free rule but now Chandrababu himself became corrupt. I was cheated by him'.

PK opined Chandrababu Naidu has been repeating the same mistake which happened with Hyderabad by developing only Amaravati. Comparing Amaravati with an elephant to highlight unnecessary expenditure, He questioned: 'How difficult it is to feed an elephant?'.

Responding to CM accusing him of provoking Uttar Andhra people, Pawan Kalyan told Chandrababu Naidu should be ashamed to make such an allegation against him. 'You have been trying to crush Me using your power. Don't speak like a Dhritarashtra who is blind. Make comments that suits your age,' he advised.