July 09, 2018


Janasena President Pawan Kalyan entered into a tussle with the media a couple of months ago. The repercussions of the same are being felt from fewer media coverage, legal cases, and not so good items like Renu Desai Divorce appearing in the Main Pages etc.

Pawan Kalyan is of the opinion that he needs a Media Backup to execute his Political Plans. But then, he is aware that starting a Media Channel and making it Popular with the people is very difficult especially as elections are fast-approaching. Communist Parties which are eager to have an alliance with Pawan Kalyan seem to have come to his rescue at this juncture. The parties have two News Channels – 10TV and 99TV already. They have offered Pawan Kalyan to help through these channels. Pawan Kalyan is keen on buying both these channels through some of his NRI fans.

Among both these channels, 10TV has decent viewership but then both the channels are financially week and are also struggling to pay salaries for the last few months. Dev who is the Political Strategist of Janasena will take over the channels once the deal is done.