October 24, 2018


The political heat is reaching feverish pitch in Telangana. Even in Andhra, things are hotting up. With the High Court ordering panchayat elections within three months, all political parties are gearing up for the real fight that will test the strength of various parties in AP. But, what is Pawan Kalyan doing amidst all these?

On Wednesday, Pawan Kalyan rushed to Lucknow? Why Lucknow of all places? To meet Bahujana Samaj Party chief Mayawati. Why Mayawati at this juncture? Nobody knows. And, Pawan did not go alone. As always, Nadendla Manohar is with him. Not just that, some professors, Dalit leaders and intellectuals from Osmania University are with him. Why Osmania University when Pawan's area of activity is Andhra University? No answer as usual.

Pawan is likely to meet Mayawati and discuss the South Indian politics, especially the situation of Dalits and BCs in the Telugu states? How will this benefit the Jana Sena? Well! Nobody really knows.

It appears Pawan Kalyan has a wrong set of advisors who give him wrong kind of advices. At a time when he should be focusing on Telugu politics, Pawan is wasting time in meeting Mayawati in Lucknow. Mayawati, for all we know, has no stakes or interests in the state. She has no party unit in Telugu states and has not visited either AP or Telangana in years.