November 11, 2017


Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s biography An Ordinary Life has faced more criticism than appreciation. Nawazuddin faced backlash after revealing details about his former co-stars and love interests. He went on to withdraw his memoir, but it may not be enough to save him from legal trouble. After Niharika Singh criticised him for exposing their bitter relationship, his ‘first love’ Sunita Rajwar has now gone one step further.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s National School of Drama (NSD) junior, Sunita Rajwar, whom he has called his ‘first love’, has filed a legal case against him and has demanded a compensation of Rs 2 crores.

Sunita told that his apology is not enough. She added that if he wrote such long chapters about us, the apology should also be specific.

Sunita Rajwar said, “I was not in town when this news cropped up, but when my friend told me about it, I was shocked. I ordered a copy for myself and read what he had written. It is disturbing, how he was written such fabricated stories. I couldn’t believe he could do something like that. I am also an actor. I might not be as big as him, but I am happy with what I do. I am content. He cannot ruin it all for me. My family was shocked when they heard of this. I live in Mumbai with my husband, and I filed a complaint against Nawaz because I want to make sure that he knows that just because he is a big guy now, doesn’t mean he can act out of his fancy.”