April 16, 2017


AP IT Minister Nara Lokesh made a blunder during the meeting organized on the even of BR Ambedkar's 126th Birth Anniversary. He begun the speech saying Today happens to be Ambedkar's Vardanthi instead of Jayanthi. This slip of the tongue stunned all those who attended the programme. After people around him corrected him, Chinnababu issued and apology and continued his speech.

Nara Lokesh's lack of grip on Telugu language is quite evident with the way he pronounced few words during the oath-taking ceremony as MLC and Minister. YSR Congress Leaders began highlighting the inability of Lokesh to either understand or pronounce Telugu words.

TDP Women Leaders came to the rescue of Nara Lokesh. MLA Anitha launched a counter attack saying Jagan and Roja. Another TDP Leader Anuradha opined that insulting Lokesh who is the grandson of Telugu's Pride NTR is like insulting all the Telugus.