October 24, 2018


The reputation of the CBI has taken a nosedive as India’s premier agency finds itself mired in controversy following accusations of corruption by the CBI Director and Deputy Director against each other.

In a fresh development, the Central government has sent both the top official on long leave and appointed M Nageshwar Rao as interim director. This appointment too is not free of controversy.

Prominent lawyer and social activist Prashant Bhushan has claimed that Nageshwar is a corrupt officer.

Commenting on Twitter, Prashant Bhushan said, “Read this detailed & documented story on Nageshwar Rao appointed as acting Director CBI by illegally removing the present Director. See how Rao protected the corrupt & his dubious assets https://www.savukkuonline.com/14806/.”

The story carried by a Tamil portal, few things as shown below.

Nageswara Rao IPS : CBI’s black sheep :


This is the story of a rogue cop whose luck ran out after a long successful run in India’s premier investigating agency, the CBI.

Nageswara Rao, an IPS officer of Odisha cadre ruled the roost as Joint Director, Chennai Zone of CBI. He was almost unstoppable. No one dared to question him and those dared were shown their place and doomed.

It all commenced with Savukku’s exclusive story in Tamil published on 17 November 2014. The story which was done after elaborate investigation did not evoke the required response from any of the law enforcement agencies.

Hindustan Tele Printers Limited or HTL was started as a Public Sector Unit of the Central Government, on 14th December 1960 at Guindy. It was intended to manufacture Teleprinters, but at the initial stage it assembled the parts of teleprinters imported from the Italian Company Olivetti. Another PSU, Hindustan Machine Tools Limited (HMT), manufactured many of the machines required for the Hindustan Teleprinters.

Hindustan Teleprinters Ltd. continued as an active supplier to P&T Department. But economic liberalization turned out to be a bane for this PSU, as it failed to understand the sea change in technology. The introduction of mobile services was the final nail in the coffin of HTL. It turned into a loss making unit.

When the central government wanted to commence a PSU in Chennai, TN government was liberal in allotting prime land in Chennai keeping in mind the employment it would generate. The land was allotted in 1965 and the condition for allotment was specific. The land so allotted should never be used for anything other than the purpose it has been allotted.

After HTL became a sick unit, its debts started mounting. HTL owed money to banks, employees, state government by way of sales tax, etc. Banks to which HTL owed money, formed a consortium headed by SBI.

Though everyone believes, CBI to be an all powerful and professional agency, it too has its own black sheep which it is not able to weed out. In a democracy, the faith on agencies like judiciary and CBI keeps the hopes of common man afloat. Black sheep like Nageswara Rao will erode that confidence and lead to anarchy. Even in these worst of times, people need something to hold on to. Removal of Nageswara Rao from CBI and a thorough follow up investigation alone will rekindle that hope which has hit rock bottom.

Nageswara Rao tried his best to kill this story by using all tricks in the trade. In the past, he was successful in killing many probes against him and a few adverse stories against him.

Finally Tamil Nadu happened to be his Waterloo.