February 10, 2018


At a time when communal tensions are rife, here is some news that will restore your faith in coexistence and interfaith harmony.

Moin Memon, a Muslim man in Ahmedabad, has undertaken renovation of a 500-year-old Hanuman temple.

For the past two weeks, Memon, a 43-year-old builder, has devoted almost all his time at the site of 'Bhid Bhanjan Hanuman' temple in Hanuman Gali of Mirzapur area of the walled city of Ahmedabad. He personally oversees workers fixing saffron Italian tiles on the temple's facade.

Memon has taken it on himself to shoulder all the expenses of the renovation work to restore the Hanuman temple to its original glory. Memon has steadfastly refused to divulge the cost involved in the good deed. He has received the temple priest Rajesh Bhatt's blessings for his work.

"I have grown up seeing the temple in its vibrant glory. I offer namaz five times a day but as I passed by the temple, its dilapidated condition pained me. I contacted the priest, Rajesh Bhatt, and offered to renovate it. He Happily agreed," said Memon.

Bhatt, who has offered his services at the Hanuman temple for the past 30 years, said Memon had especially ordered saffron tiles from Italy for the temple's facade.

"The restoration work will be over in a week's time. It is a shining example of communal goodwill and brotherhood for the entire country," Rajesh Bhatt, the priest of the temple said.

Vrajesh Mehta, priest of the adjoining 'Shri Eklingji Mahadev' temple, says 'Hanuman Dada' must have inspired Memon to renovate the temple without worrying about the money.