October 24, 2018


Telugu actor Mahesh Babu was supposed to participate in a fundraising event ‘ An Evening with Superstar’ in New York city on this 27th at Marriott Marquis. This charity event is meant to raise funds for ‘Gramam Foundation’ and ‘Heal a Child’ foundation.

The latest update reveals that the event has been cancelled by the organisers due to lukewarm response. It was expected that nearly 100 NRI families will attend the event. The original ticket price was fixed at $ 2000 per person and was later reduced to $ 1250 due to less response. The price was further reduced to $ 450 to attract families. But, the response is not as the organisers expectations. So, they have cancelled the event.

Once upon a time, it used to be Mahesh Babu all the way in the USA and only his films managed to collect well, making him the Overseas Box office King. Cut to our topic, a while ago it was announced that a charity dinner that requires attendees to buy tickets to dine with Mahesh Babu, got cancelled.

The fundraiser 'An Evening With Superstar Mahesh' was supposed to be held at New York Marriott Marquis, in Times Square, NY, got cancelled. It is heard that the ticket price for the event was too high initially at almost $2000 and later the organisers lowered down to $450 but the sales haven't seen any growth.

The main reason for many families not buying tickets is not the price of ticket, however, says a source from New York. "Actually many kids of the Telugu families staying there want to see young heroes. They are demanding their parents to either make them meet Vijay Devarakonda or they won't come to any such dinners. That sudden change in preferences of kids has its toll on this event as parents can't deny their kids and come to this dinner".