April 15, 2018


Telangana CM KCR and actor Prakash Raj though hail from different fields, both have one thing in common. Both of them are strong headed people when it comes to making things work and their hatred towards the Modi government.

KCR, who is on a mission to form a ‘Third Front’ to find another alternative apart from BJP, and Congress in the national politics, even met the West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee and Deve Gowda in Karnataka.

The 53-Year-Old clarified KCR have no intention to dethrone anybody from power. 'This is a movement which is very much necessary. This is something I have been seriously vouching for! The time has come for people to realize we need a change in the system which has failed to deliver. Formulas implemented by the two National Parties for 70 years hasn't yielded results. I have been holding discussion with KCR sir for the past few weeks over different issue. Why I am with him is because he isn't playing party politics. He isn't talking about one man becoming PM and somebody taking power. This isn't bringing together parties to throw someone out of power. It isn't not like Iska Mukt Bharat...Uska Mukt Bharat! It is to work collectively and figure out why the issues which should have been solved decades ago remained pending. The plan is to achieve consensus, create a mass movement and achieve the goals with like-minded parties. There are so many resources, we haven't been able to go forward. It's shameful!,' he opined.

Finally, Prakash Raj disclosed KCR has invited him to join him as he hails from Karnataka. 'Whom I am against about? Whom I am for about? It's for you to decide, I'm not for anybody, You know who I'm against at. This meeting, Please don't read too much between the lines. This a dream I hope Journalists will also come together for achieving it. This is the need of the hour. Support this very idea which has been proposed to see a way to resolve what we have been struck for years'.