April 15, 2018


Rationalist Babu Gogineni launched a staggering attack on the bigwigs in the Industry for their silent approach towards Casting Couch. All the Telugu people are right now swinging in anger with top celebrities staying silent on #CastingCouch issue that is shaking Telugu Film Industry. And then, many women (artists) are taking to TV channels to speak up on the atrocities being met by them in the film industry. Talking about this, rationalist Babu Gogineni breathed fire on Telugu celebs.

"All these cinema biggies are speaking quite carefully as if the magnitude of the casting couch is very low. Today Pawan Kalyan has responded to the issue, but where is he all these days? I agree with him that issues will be solved in Police Station and Courts, but still, these biggie celebs should respond to the issues" said rationalist and human rights activist Babu Gogineni.

"Where is Powerstar when this many women are suffering? Where are the so-called superstars who are raising their collars high? Where are those who fight for the title "Legend" but don't speak now?" he asked, generalising that Tollywood should behave themselves. However, he found that not those people who intimidated women, but also those who supported the culprits should be treated as same.

"They (Rakul and Lakshmi Manchu) have created a huge hullabaloo when TV5 anchor used a cuss word against them. Immediately they held a meeting to opine that there is nothing like a casting couch going on in Film Industry, at a time when many young women are complaining openly about the issue. These people who defended that there is no casting couch should also be tried as offenders" he added, concluding "This is not Pedarayudu cinema for Tollywood to pass judgements as they like. High time they open their eyes".

Gogineni demanded why CASH (Committee Against Sexual Harassment) is not constituted three years ago when complaints are heard from various women in the film industry but why MAA is trying to wash off the issue this way now?