February 07, 2019


Time and again it’s been proving that there are no permanent enemies or friends in politics and it’s only permanent interests that exist. Proving it a fact, the BJP which once revolted against Malayalam Superstar Mohanlal is trying to lure him by offering a Lok Sabha ticket to win against Shashi Tharoor.

Though Mohanlal never had any political inclinations, a group of men in year 2000 in Kerala took to streets waved black flags outside theatres playing Mohanlal’s movies, threw black paint on his posters and issued calls to boycott his movies.

The protests were carried by RSS as they were angered by Mohanlal becoming a director of Malayalam Communications Ltd, a company floated by the CPI(M) to launch its TV channel Kairali.

However, the scenario has drastically changed after 19 years and BJP is trying their best to offer him a seat. The speculation of him joining the politics began after Mohanlal met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in September last year, ostensibly to brief him about his NGO.

Despite several speculations and lucrative offers, Mohanlal has cleared the air that cinema has been and always remains his passion and politics is not his cup of tea.