August 04, 2017


Once in life time golden opportunity will look at you but if you waste it and let it go vain then it is crime more than bad luck. Very talented director Imtiaz Ali got a fantastic chance to direct Shah Rukh Khan that too in his own production. This is certainly a bad script, pointless love story with dragging scenes. A director upto his standard is coming out with such an unexciting script is a fatal error than over confidence. It is not that he lacks creativity. In fact in few scenes you can feel mesmerized by his unmitigated phenomenal creativity. Absolutely he is genius at all 64 crafts. Sometimes you feel like watching a poetic musical saga with astonishing artistic presentation. Yet you came out with a bad script means it is you sheer arrogance or over confidence.

Well it is only because of Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma this movie became watchable. Their screen presence is amazing and stunning. Their chemistry is exceptionally spectacular. what an on screen couple they are and their incredible bonding of each other. Both are at their best. Well when it comes to Shah Rukh Khan fans it is almost vintage. After watching this none can even question why Shah Rukh is called King Of Romance. Shah Rukh Khan nails it and proves why no one else could’ve played Harinder Singh Nehra better than him. Imtiaz Ali, always, makes you fall in love with his characters and Harry is one of them.

If we get into story Harinder Singh Nehra aka Harry (Shah Rukh Khan) is a tour guide in Holland who is looking for something he has lost. The philosophical twist to this is, he doesn’t knows what he has lost. Then enters our breezy, always saying what’s in her heart Sejal Zaveri (Anushka Sharma).

She was a part of the group Harry tour guided and misses her flight way back to India to find her lost ring. This is her engagement ring she lost and her fiance is pissed about it. At first it will seem stupid, as who misses their flight to find a ring? But as the story develops you’ll ask yourself, “Emotions samajte ho? Emotions?”.

The first half of Jab Harry Met Sejal will blow the feelings of your heart like a breath of fresh air. Amongst the fun and games of finding the ring, Imtiaz smoothly develops a dark and unilluminated track for Harry’s story. This will raise many questions in you and you’ll wait for the second half. Imtiaz has no need to prove he’s the master of this genre. Watch the movie to know if he has done the justice to a superb base that he sets in first half.

It’s the second half where things fall down the cliff. Not saying it ruined the experience, but with such first half, anyone will expect an extraordinary second half. Imtiaz tries to rush and hence the climax just doesn’t click. Everything has been performed brilliantly but you leave the theater with a feeling of incompleteness. Still, if you see the movie as an overall package, it’s a treat for Shah Rukh fans and of course young lovers. Only problem with this film is the uninteresting and dragging script which disappointed you certain extent.

Music director, Pritam, is the silent hero of this film. The way songs are binded with the story only tells what this man is able to pull off. K U Mohanan’s cinematography is stunning. The locales of Europe and its bylanes are very well captured.

Over all it is a love story which appeals more to young lovers and Shah Rukh fans only. You may like this film if you go with no expectations. But sure watch for the brilliant performances of Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma and their sizzling chemistry.

- Parvez Chowdhary