Mrs Funnybones Twinkle Khanna is famous for her wit and humour. She recently attended Koffee With Karan for the first time with superstar hubby Akshay Kumar. And boy she was a riot on the chat show.

During her conversation with Karan, Twinkle Khanna revealed that her mother thought Akshay was g*y. "He'd come to ask my mother if he should marry me. My mother and me were sitting together on this couch. He sat opposite to us and my mother's friend was there next to him. Akshay was doing some sort of Acupressure on her back. My mom whispered to me, 'I have to tell you something after he goes'. I was like, no tell me now. She said,' Your friend Sandeep who is doing some piece on a newspaper says Akshay is gay'.

She said you live together for one year and then we will see. So we lived together for one year," Twinkle Khanna said.