In fact the Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has proved his acting skills in 'Bajarangi Bhaijaan'. Well after watching his phenomenal, astonishing and unforgettable performance as Sultan we can safely bet now none of his critics show any guts to question Salman's acting ability. He is the reigning superstar, of course he has millions of the crazy fanatical fans but he has been facing a routine criticism for his acting. After watching his award winning performance now his hardcore fans can proudly say that he is nothing less than Aamir and Shah Rukh in acting department.

Director Ali Abbas Zafar came out with a mesmerising script which has blockbuster stamp at any level. This script has powerful story line. It has full entertaining elements, it has powerful emotions, it has an impressive soul and sentiment and it has perfect macho image which perfectly suits to the Dabang Superstar like Salman Bhai. Frankly speaking we do not know much about the wrestler from Haryana Sultan Ali Khan who won medal in London Olympics and FILA Wrestling World Championships. Honestly speaking Salman provided the real life to this role you will be compelled to believe that perhaps Sultan Ali Khan might look like Salman. Again after Bajarangi Bhaijaan, Sallu bhai makes your tears roll with his phenomenal innocent honesty. His screen presence is truly god's gift. Only you should be born like that.

Anushka Sharma too stupendous in the role of wrestler Aarfa who was national champ and wife of Sultan. She maintained the balance between the determined sports woman and the vulnerable lover. Lukily her chemistry with Salman was awesome. Other notable performance by Amit Sadh as the sponsor and who motivates Salman when he left the wrestling and makes him again the champion. Randeep Hooda as coach with sad past too sizzles in his role but we wish he should have given more role which he firmly deserves.

If we get into story, Sultan(Salman) is a 30 year old bachelor, who lives with his cable TV business in a small town of Haryana. His carefree attitude and his mischievous teen masti and mast andaaz will come to an end until he meets Aarfa(Anushka Sharma). Aarfa is a daughter of wrestler who wish to ful fill his dream of winning an Olympic medal. Aarfa is a state champ and firmly determined to achieve the uphill task of Gold medal.

Cute and innocent Sultan follows her and beg for her love and keep on requesting her to get married him. Aarfa admires his honest innocence and moves around with him as a friend but Sultan assumes it as love and introduce her as his lover to his friends. Aarfa becomes furious and insults him about his life. She screams him as good for nothing guy and no life goal and ambition. Aarfa strongly informs him that she will only marry a wrestler.

This big humiliation changes the life of Sultan. He suddenly becomes very serious about his life and firmly decides to be a wrestler and the champion. His strong determination and hazardous body work outs makes him strong and indestructible. He wins every match he plays. First he becomes state champ and later Olympic medal too. Meanwhile Aarfa becomes pregnant. Consequently she gives up her wrestling career for the sake of her pregnancy.

Many medals and championships make Sultan bit arrogant. Aarfa's pregnancy enters into 9th month and she request Salman to stay with her and avoid the world championship. But Sultan ignores and wins the championship and here Aarfas child dies. Here life changes and Aarfa never forgives him and swears to leave him forever. Sultan crumbles here and gives up his wrestling career and collects money to build a blood bank in that town.

Meanwhile Akash (Amit Sadh) a businessman who invests in free wresting tournament and looking for an Indian fighter so that they can get big viewership in India. He goes after Sultan to fight and motivates him and Sultan agrees it so that he can get sufficient money to build blood bank and regain his glory too. How he achieve this you have to see on screen only.

Vishal-Sekhar Music is biggest asset in this film. All numbers are already chart busters. Even the back ground music elevates the every emotion of the scene. Camera of Artur Zurawski is phenomenal. All the fights were impressively choreographed.

Over all it is a marvellous story line and stunningly picturized. Salman Khan's life time performance is a real Eid gift to his fans. It is Sallu Bhaijaan's memorable movie and you can not miss it. I am sure you will enjoy this flick and you will sure admire this Bhaijaan. A must watch movie for variety of reasons.

- Parvez Chowdhary