Never before in the history of cinema has a biopic of an active sportsman been mounted with quite this level of patronage from the subject himself. 'M S Dhoni' has this unique record and has been directed by very talented Neeraj Pandey. It is always difficult to tell a story of a biggest and legendary cricketer like Dhoni that too in the contemporary context. Neeraj made it possible with his amazing script and well execution.

Ultimately it is the Sushant Singh Rajput who has delivered the life time performance. Only because of his high voltage and electrifying performance this movie became watchable and lovable. This lengthy 3 hours 10 minutes film sometimes makes you feel little exhausted but it is Sushant's acting which compels you to watch and enjoy it.

Well it is a truly feast to all Dhoni's fans to know more about his personal life and admire the success of a small town middle class boy in the international cricket. The tight script which goes parallel in two tracks without missing the main plot. In fact Neeraj Pandey is famous for thrillers and that flavour you can notice ironically in this biopic also. That is a creative combination of facts with little fiction.

When it comes to Dhoni's first love Priyanka Jha's role which is nicely done by Disha Patani, is entirely unknown to Dhoni's fans. the beautiful Kiara Advani as Sakshi Dhoni and her love track is well picturized and thoroughly entertaining too. Overly cautious and too much protective as well as highly possessive father, Anupam Kher excels in his role. in fact this movie is a perfect combination of honestly talented performances.

Well the flip side of this film has it'w own reasons too. In fact Cricket is a game of collective efforts of entire team but director Neeraj presented it as a one man army. Unfortunately director shows as if the great legends like Tendulkar and Ganguly have very nominal contribution in the team when Dhoni is playing is too much and it is almost like insulting the spirit of the game. After watching this film you get a feeling that if there is no Dhoni then there is no Indian team and they can never win a single match either.

When it comes to a biopic of a cricketer it is good to glorify him and also exaggerate him but not at the cost of other legends. I personally feel this is little unfair and injustice to the Indian cricket. Not only this you are presenting him as a human being who never commits any mistake and almost like an angel is too much exaggeration. There are scandals and there are conflicts in Dhoni's life too but completely ignoring that part of life and presenting him as an angel is left to the prudence of the audience and the wisdom of an average sports lover.

Well let us keep aside all the flaws and logics of this flick. This film has so many great qualities to entertain the cricket lovers and especially the Dhoni's fans. It will also has great potential to attract movie buffs with it's unique script and presentation. Ultimately it is the Sushant Sing Rajput's outstanding performance which will grab your attention for every moment. Go and watch this and it is a super sixer.

- Parvez Chowdhary