After delivering back to back outstanding movies director Sujoy Ghosh once again proved that he is one of the best director for thrillers. He once again asserted that he is master in making movies with female protagonist films which will do wonders at box office. His selection of subjects is brilliant and his execution on screen is exemplary and applaudable.

In fact this is not the sequel to his super hit film Kahaani in 2012 but the flavour of thrilling elements and vulnerable yet strong and stubborn ingredient maintained. Of course Sujoy took some cinematic liberty yet managed to present with pragmatic honesty. Keep aside all the directorial creativity but this movie stands in the best movie category which is made possible only because of Vidya Blalan. Fundamentally this movie belongs to her. It is her flawless and eminent performance took this movie to the superior zone. One after another movie she is inching towards the legendary status with her divergent maturity.

Particularly in this movie, her portrayal as Durga Rani Singh has perfect blend of vulnerability, passion and desperation for the justice which she expressed all these emotions effortlessly nice. Arjun Rampal luckily got an impressive role which is perfectly suitable to his body language. Perhaps this is one of best role in his entire career where his true acting capabilities could be judged. Almost every character in this film did fair justice.

If we get into story Vidya Sinha (Vidya Balan) with her paralysed small daughter living in a remote town of Chanda Nagar. One day when she returns from her office she finds her daughter is missing and she gets a phone call as her daughter is kidnapped by a man. In this panic when she gets out of her home she meets an accident and she will go on brief coma.

Then comes a new police inspector Indrajeet Singh( Arjun Rampal) who recognises her as Durga Rani Singh. He gets shocked when he sees her identity card with new name Vidya Sinha. One more shock to him again as police mail comes as she is a wanted criminal for the cases of kidnapping a girl and killing an old lady.

Inspector Indrajeet Singh finds a dairy in her house which gives him entire information about her. What exact happened and why she is living with a changed name and identity how she could get back her daughter you have to see on screen only. As it is a thriller flick it is unethical to reveal the original plot.

Jugal Hansaraj with negative role is impressive too. Naisha Khanna as Arjun Rampal has little space to do but looking nice and charming.

Music by Clinton Cerejo is largely impressive and sets the mood very well. Cinematography byTapan Basu is good when it comes to night shots.

Over all it is one of the best film in this year. Obviously your expectation are very high on this movie and certainly this movie stands more than your expectations. It has a stunning subject and that should be addressed more. Ultimately it is a super thriller flick with amazing performance of Vidya Balan. A must watch movie.

- Parvez Chowdhary