Obviously Shah Rukh Khan is enjoying such phenomenal fan following across the globe. Certainly he has dedicated and fanatical fans among them. Hence it makes more sense to have a storyline based on a hardcore, obsessive and psychotic fan. That is what director Maneesh Sharma did with this flick. It is not important that Maneesh Sharma and screenplay writer Habib Faisal were inspired by Yash Chopra's one of best and cult movie, Darr or Hollywood flick of Robert De Niro-Wesley Snipes movie THE FAN; 1996. Whatever it is exceptionally presented to suit the contemporary Indian audience.

The main USP and of course eveything on this movie is just Shah Rukh and his amazing acting capabilities. His superstar status and of course his once highly appreciated antagonist roles of Bazigar and Darr, all these factors were nicely utilized by the director. As far as his fans, it is one more mind-blowing and amazing performance oriented flick which they can remember it for the next decade. The best this about this movie is the variation of obsessive fan Gaurav's role and an elegant superstar Aryan Khanna's role is amazingly performed by supremely talented Shah Rukh Khan.

If we get into the story, Gaurav (Shah Rukh Khan) is a Dilli ka Launda just like his idol, Aryan Khanna. From his childhood, he has been such a Jabra fan of Aryan that he knows every minute detail of his life. Though he has a cyber cafe of his own and also a one way love interest, Gaurav’s only obsession is with Aryan Khanna. He wishes to meet Aryan on his birthday, and with the prize money he wins from the local star fan contest, he goes to meet his idol with his trophy and mom’s halwa.

Determined to meet him at any cost, he takes a very crooked way to get Aryan’s attention. He succeeds but not in a nice way, as Aryan gets very pissed at what he does. Gaurav finally gets his face time with Aryan Khanna, but things go wrong, and the conversation also doesn’t end in the way he wants. Insulted and miffed, Gaurav decides that from here on, whenever Aryan Khanna’s name is taken, people will also take Gaurav’s name. Thus begins a cat and mouse game between the star and the fan.

Well, you should watch this to have real excitement while SRK performing with same passion what we have witnessed 25 years ago and the same intensity he has shown in the past. For his devotional fans it is double bonanza to watch Gaurav and Aryan with phenomenal acting. It is one of the best performance of Shah Rukh after his best appreciated 'Chak De' movie performance.

After watching fabulous first halt, you feel little dragging scenes in the second half. Just before climax movie suddenly becomes very exciting and sure thrills you and of course touches you emotionally too. Director Maneesh should have stuck to either movie with honest reality nor typical cinematic. He is little confused between these two but he opted to present a too much cinematic stuff with little know reality.

Just ignore the logic and enjoy the performance. Particularly for SRK fans, it is a treat and a must watch. If you are not his fan then also watch for the honest and outstanding performance. FAN is little different from regular Bollywood flicks. Go and enjoy.

- Parvez Chowdhary