It is a remake of a Telugu film 'Varsham' but largely incorporated scenes from 'Bloodsport' and an Indonesian action flick. The director Sabbir Khan already did Tiger Shroff's debut flick 'Heropanti'(In fact it is also a remake of Telugu film). As a matter fact Sabbir has done a decent job while making changes to match up well to Hindi audience but the real problem exists in the main plot itself. It has very thin plot and weak screenplay.

The only saving point of this film is electrifying Tiger Shroff and his magnificent stunts and of course radiant Shraddha Kapoor and her pleasant dances and romantic scenes and the ultimate chemistry between Tiger and Shraddha. Surprise catch of the film is nothing but Sudheer Babu, Telugu star, suave, love-struck villain and the way he conveys through his eyes and expressions truly amazing.

For action lovers it is truly a visual treat and highly entertaining but for normal audience first half looks decent with some good romantic scenes between Tiger and Shraddha in splendid locations in Kerala. The real problem with boring second half. very uninteresting and dragging second half has nothing to promise except non-stop stunts and violent scenes. It is cruel and ruthless if we fully criticize the efforts of amazing stunts but for those audience who has least interest in stunts, for them this could be a real torture and hell.

The film starts off with the introduction of Ronny (Tiger Shroff) and the kidnapping of Sia (Shraddha Kapoor). Desperate for money for the treatment of a young boy, Ronny undertakes the task of getting back Sia from the clutches of the villainous Raghav (Sudheer Babu). As he boards the flight, the viewers are treated to a flashback of events that connects Ronny's yesterday with his today. The flashback of events reflect the blooming love story between Ronny and Sia and how Sia's money minded father (Sunil Grover) plays the villain in their love story and agrees to marry her off to Raghav, who lures him with oodles of money. Because of a certain misunderstanding between Ronny and Sia, their relationship goes for a toss. Ronny, meanwhile, at the behest of his late father Colonel Samarjeet Singh, unwillingly becomes the student in the Kerala based Academy Of Kalaripayattu, that's run by Guruji (Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj).

In due course of time, Guruji tames the wild and carefree Ronny into an extremely disciplined student… in other words, a rebel with a cause. But, when Guruji gets to know about his son Raghav's plan of forcibly marrying Sia, he raises strong objection. That's when the emotionless Raghav kills his father. And when Ronny gets to know that Raghav, who has Sia as his captive, is also the one who killed Guruji, hell breaks loose and Ronny becomes uncontrollable. But, the catch is that, in order to reach Raghav, Ronny has to tackle a battalion of henchmen because Raghav stays in the well protected 'layered' building, whose each floor is also the domain of his extremely well trained henchmen. Does Ronny becomes successful in reaching Raghav despite all the odds, is he able to clear Sia's misunderstanding towards him, does he become successful to avenge the killing of his Guruji and is he able to rescue his ladylove Sia from Raghav's captive is what forms the rest of the film.

Well, even if it has weak story, the movie strictly belongs to Tiger and his high octane stunts. He is exceptionally good but he has to improve his acting skills in emotional scenes. Shraddha is adorable and brilliant in few scenes. Baddie Sudheer Babu is awesome and outstanding.

If you are a action movie lover then sure this movie will be a treat to watch if you are looking for a logical and decent movie then stay away from this film.

- Parvez Chowdhary