Good or bad this film has been in news for variety of reasons. After so much drama at last it came without any fuss now. The hype, the hue and cry of jingoistic media and hooliganism in the name of patriotism, whatever the reason the micro scrutiny for this film is unavoidable. This is such a tricky situation for Karan Johar if it has even one dull moment in the film that will ruin the total prospects of this movie at box office.

Fortunately this movie has not a single dull moment and sophisticatedly crossed all the hurdles and inching towards the success. Karan Johar should be thankful to all the jingoistic hooligans who gave so much free publicity to this flick which resulted the packed house in the early morning show itself. Fawad Khan, the central point for all the controversy hardly has 5 minutes role, perhaps this may harshly hurt the ego of these hooligans for their unintentional free publicity.

Well, Karan Johar opted for a fresh and too much contemporary plot with brutal honesty and presented it on big canvas with sweet poetic touch. Certainly Karan is a master of romantic flicks but the dimensions of love he touched is amazingly fresh. Perhaps the age and experience of life taught so much to Karan which is clearly evident in every scene. This love story is not typical bollywood type. It has mature and thought provoking and at the same time naughty, funny and lusty too.

Of course Ranbir Kapoor is a highly talented brat in Bollywood but this stands a special movie in his career. He showed enormous class in every scene, irrespective of emotional, frustrated, vulnerable or romance, he is at his best. His charming looks do provoke his female fans. Anushka Sharma has so many block busters in her super going career but this film has given her room to show her real acting capabilities. She is fabulous and reminds you of legendary veteran actresses. She is back bone of this film. Her impeccable performance perhaps takes her too top level comparing to her other contemporaries. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has limited role but she is quite elegant and stunning.

If we get into story, Ranbir is a rich brat, talented singer but not well matured but childish. He has his girl friend Lisa Haydon but but not very much sink with his frequency level. One fine day he meets Anushka at a night club who is a self esteemed, strong and liberal type. She too has a past of broken love story. Fawad Khan, a famous DJ was her lover. Now Anushka almost has a guy whose she should get married as he is the family friend.

Ranbir and Lisa, Anushka and her boy friend meet but there is lot of funny incidents which leads Ranbir to leave her cheating girl friend and he finds lot of peace and too much fun in Anushka. Both find enough fondness each other. Ranbir falls in love with Anushka but she will treat him as only friend. Both become very close to each other and has a long holiday together and suddenly Fawad Khan comes again in her life. Both get married but this hurt emotionally to Ranbir.

He tries his best to forget Anushka and he block even her phone number too. Meanwhile Ranbir meets Aishwarya Rai, who is a popular Urdu poet and a divorcee. Both become romantically very close to each other. Still Ranbir can not forget Anushka and he calls her back. Many dramatic twists do happen here. The unexpted ending you have to see on screen only.

Performances are concerned every one gave their best. The soul of the movie is music. Pritam provided lovely and melodious numbers which are truly amazing. Camera by Anil Mehta is virtuous. He brilliantly captured every frame. Karan Johar is a most successful director in Bollywood but this movie showed the impeccable maturity in his work. It is not a greatest or outstanding film but certainly it has not a single dull moment. It entertains you at it's best and it is a perfect watch for Diwali season.

- Parvez Chowdhary