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why Pawan Kalyan met Chandrababu Naidu ?
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A section of media reports reads that Pawan Kalyan has met TDP chief N.Chandra Babu Naidu along with his brother Nagababu. Actual reasons for this meeting are unknown, but media speculates that Pawan Kalyan is joining TDP.

Some sections of media is going to an extent that Pawan Kalyan expressed his wish to contest in next elections as a TDP candidate. No one knows what actually happened and why they met. But the meeting has ignited fire which has given a big shock to the fans. There have been rumors that there were differences between Chiranjeevi and Pawan after the former scrapped Praja Rajyam Party and joined Congress and went on to accept Central Minister post.

With Pawan Kalyan meeting Chandra Babu, media is going berserk that Pawan Kalyan is challenging his brother from opposition. We don't know what Pawan Kalyan actually thinks and what his intentions are. For now we should consider this as a formal meet as Chandra Babu recently completed a record setting Paada Yathra.

It is also being said that Pawan asked for the Machilipatnam seat to contest as TDP candidate and Chandrababu accepted it without any delay.

Though there is no any confirmation from Pawan's side for this story but TDP sourced are confirming the meeting. If Pawan really joins TDP then it will be big boost for TDP as every top leader is leaving that party. Pawan has big mass following and this can be very useful to Chandrababu.

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