'S/O Satyamurthy' - Perfect Film To Claim The Complete Family Entertainer (***1/2 )

Magician Trivikram once again proved that his story telling ability is incredible. Perhaps that is the best thing ever happened to Telugu cinema. He is the one who broke the regular Telugu cinema's misconception that star heroes can not handle the family drama with intense emotional saga. Trivikram proved those idiotic so called cine intellectuals that if you rightly mix stardom with fine emotional drama then it can become brilliant cinema. Talented Allu Arjun in a superbly written script with most beautiful actors to accompany him then how can we critics can dare to tare apart like regular film review. Highly matured script, fabulous performances and beautiful presentation, ultimately it is the culmination of all ingredients.

Normally in south cinema when it comes to star hero flicks we can notice many punch dialogues to appeal the mass and particularly the fans but here Trivikram keeps his trust in intelligent and thought provoking dialogues which can haunt you even after leaving the cinema halls.

If we get into story, Viraj Anand ( Allu Arjun) is a millionaire Satymurthy ( Prakash Raj) son. Satyamurthy is a perfect example of a man with ethics, values and great heart to help others without expecting anything. Same values Viraj gets as inheritance and swear by himself to maintain in his life. Destiny has last laugh at this family Satyamurthy gets killed in an accident and things turn pathetic in Viraj's life. Business and shares gets a nasty blow and Viraj gives up all his property to pay off his father's creditors. Viraj starts life from scratch to look after his family. Out of desperation Viraj takes a marriage contract of same girl (Adah Sharma) with whom his engagement got cancelled. Here he meets Sameera (Samantha) who is daughter of Rajendra Prasad, the guy with so much greed for money and who can stoop to any level. Once he buys a land from Satymurthy but that was in litigation as dangerous Village faction leader Devarajulu Naidu (Upendra). Viraj promises Rajendra Prasad to shut his mouth as he accuses his father as a fraud, to get back the land from Devaraj. How Viraj gets back that land how he escapes from Devraj who wants his sister Nithya Menon to gts her married to Viraj, how things will get on right track will be the rest of the story which you have to see on screen.

Performances are concerned it is Allu Arjun's show. He has shown the great ease and maturity in every scene. Now he groomed as a complete actor and it is the luck of the Tollywood where we can say we have a very talented actor in contemporary new generation. Upendra is super selection for that sort of Tamil accented role. Samantha is cute and stunning. She has perfect comedy timing too. Nithy Menon should have more scenes but she is outstanding in her micro role.Rest of actors have done fine job. Once again Devi Sri Prasad sparks with his catchy tunings. Prasad Murella camera is good and technically it is a well made flick. Every department excels.

Over all it is a brilliantly made well written movie. I strictly recommend this film. If you are Arjun fan then it is an ultimate film to see the emotional shades of him. It is a pure and clean family entertainer but we have to wait how mega fans react but you will love this one.

- Parvez Chowdhary