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'Power' - 'Typical Ravi Taja Mass Masala Entertainer'   Verdict: ***1/2

By Parvez Chowdhary
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  'Power' - Movie Review by
            -- Parvez Chowdhary

Exemplary talented Ravi Taja always justified the title 'Mass Maharaja" to his fans. His histrionics and his comedy timing set new standards to Tollywood. At one stage Ravi Teja gave back to back hits but suddenly there is slump which stopped the momentum for a while. Ravi Teja realized this fact and toned down and decrease the dose which reached to a saturation point.

Now he got re-charged up his energy and concentrated on those areas where he feels very comfortable. That is exact this movie is all about. Comedy scenes, spectacular chasings, punch dialogues, foot tapping songs, Bramhanandam and Saptagiri's hilarious acts, beautiful Hansika and cute Regina all these factors make this movie super watchable.

After realizing the fact Ravi Teja tried his best to control his over acting but maintained his perfect timing and great ease in every scene whether it is funny Thiruathi character or angry ACP Baldev Sahay charecter he did with out most honesty. At one stage you feel like Ravi Taja is born to do films like this.

If we get into the main story, In Kolkata Home Minister (Mukesh Rishi) brother Sampath Raj is a dangerous criminal and people are fed up with his atrocities. Police arrests him and while producing him in court corrupt police officer Baldev Sahay(Ravi Taja) got a deal with his gang and captures him from police custody and takes him away with his team. In this operation police shoots Baldev.

Here in Hyderabad inspector Animutyam (Bramhanandam) brother-in-law Thirupathi(Ravi Taja) is so obsessed to become Police officer. Meanwhile Neerupama Devi (Hansika) who happens to cheat people with rings and stones to exploit their beliefs. In this act she becomes close to Thirupathi and falls in love with him.

There in Kolkata, Home Minister happens to see Ravi Teja who resembles exact like ACP Baldev. He bring him to Kolkata and send him as ACP Baldev to nab dangerous Sampath Raj. Here many twists, why ACP is very corrupt and Thirupathi is successful to unfold this mystery and punish the culprits is rest of the story.

Though the central theme is little new most of scenes are routine Tollywood masala but Ravi Taja makes this flick more enjoyable with his brilliant performance.
Hansika is hot and entertaining. The other heroin Regina is refreshing and sweet in her small cameo. Bramhanandam and Sapthagiri give maximum support to make super entertainer.

Technical side Thaman's music and all the number are catchy and foot tapping. The script writer become director K.S.Ravindra presented all the songs in very rich and colourful way. Cinematography is ok. Kona Venkat dialogues gave perfect push in many scenes.

Over all it is normal Ravi Teja mark mass masala entertainer. Do't expect super thriller, just go and enjoy the film. It is a full paisa vasool flick.

Verdict : ***1/2
parvez-chowdhary   Parvez chowdhary

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