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'Manam' - 'Strange, Unconvincing Plot But Enormously Lovable'        Verdict: ***1/2

By Parvez Chowdhary
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  'Manam' - Movie Review by
            -- Parvez Chowdhary

Before getting into the movie details, every movie lover of Telugu Industry should keep in mind this is the last film of all time legend, Mr.Akkineni Nageswara Rao. This is a precious tribute to ANR with this lovable romantic comedy to the Mughal of Romantic Empire. The other very unusual aspect of this film is 3 generation heroes from the same DNA, I mean the same family playing the lead roles which is rare in Indian cinema perhaps in international cinema too.This innovative idea should be cherished and admired.

The director Vikram Kumar has an impressive track record. He directed movies in Tamil, Telugu and in Hindi too. His last Telugu film Ishq with Nitin and Nthya Menon was a blockbuster hit. As far as the current flick is concerned, his idea of utilizing three generational heroes from the same family is laudable but central plot of re-incarnations is quite unconvincing and sounds odd and idiotic. Choosing an unusual subject with lot of unrealistic twists but presenting it on screen in a most pleasant and elegant way is truly amazing. Here Director gets full marks. He maintained the tempo through out the film and audience feel like watching a colourful drama with a sweet poetic touch.

Three male protagonists acted with healthy competitive spirit and did fair justice to their respective roles. Samantha is astonishingly beautiful and magical. In her every scene she brings refreshing breeze on screen. Her chemistry with both Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya is bewildering. After a long time even Shriya Saran brings some on screen sparks. Last but least the Legend Mr.Akkineni sizzles in his small cameo. I am not qualified to judge such exceptionally talented actor. He is Ultimate.

Very funny thing in the movie is, Nagarjuna's role name is Nageswar Rao, Naga Chaitanya's role name is Nagarjuna, Akkineni role's name is Chaitanya. Well if we can discuss with synopsis of the movie, It is arranged marriage of Naga Chaitanya and Samantha. Ego or mis-understanding whatever they will not get along well with each other. They have a cute son Nagarjuna. Parents lose their lives in a car accident but Nagarjuna becomes a successful and award winning Businessman.

One fine day Nagarjuna happens to see the Chaitanya in a flight who has same face of his dad. Later he finds Samantha too who resembles his mom. Now Nagarjuna desires to get back his parents love from them. Yes, you heard correct, it shounds funny but it is true, that is the main plot of the flick.

With this same pace, Nagarjuna rescues Nageswar Rao with the help of Shriya and his heart beats for her and he finds eternal love in her presence. Here one more twist, Akkineni finds his mom in Shriya and papa in Nagarjuna. How they all get together and how this romantic saga continues, you have to see on screen only.

As far as performances are concerned, everyone does spectacular job. Technical part is concerned Anoop Rubens music is big plus point to the movie. His songs and back ground score truly adds extra pounds. Camera of P.S.Vinod is truly visual treat.

It is a must watch movie for this summer season. I highly recommend to watch this romantic saga with your entire family. It is clean, pure and healthy entertainment.

Verdict : ***1/2
parvez-chowdhary   Parvez chowdhary

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