'Lion' Movie Review - This Lion Does Not Roar But Irritates A Lot (*1/2)

After having such a stupendous hit like 'Legend' naturally there must be huge expectations from Balakrishna. Due to variety of reasons this film faced lot of problems to reach cinema halls. This film has one more importance as this is the first film of Balakrishna after becoming MLA of divided Andhra Pradesh. If we keep aside all other factors what matters more is the substance of the film. Audience expect some entertainment for their investment of 100 bucks on a film ticket.

Unfortunately debut director Satyadeva seriously failed while performing his duty as a story, script, dialogue and director of this film. Wafer-thin story line and uninteresting scenes spoil the flick at maximum level. Same old dialogues lack the punch and irritate you with monotonous nature. Very much predictable scenes and poor technical values almost damage the film further. Balakrishna needs some serious introspection before signing this kind of film which never suits and impress the contemporary youth.

Particularly when a serious scene is going on all of sudden both lead female protagonists having a cat fight to own Balakrishna and a dream song with both heroines will speak volumes of the standard of this director. You can imagine the torture he provides for the poor audience who came to movie with certain expectations. Particularly in a scene Jayasudha says your grandpa was a great follower of Nathuram Godse so they gave you the name Godse, what the crop this is I can not understand but further disgusting stuff continues as Balakrishna says Godse is a shooter and Bose is a fighter, whatever name you like you can call me. Glorifying a killer who killed our father of nation is truly ultimate bullshit and mindset of this nasty director. Keep aside the ideology this guy has zero creative talent to even discuss about his work.

Story is very simple, Balakrishna is a CID officer Bose and he is after all corrupt guys and politicians. The baddie Prakash Raj kills his Uncle who happens to be CM of AP so that Prakash Raj becomes CM. Dramatically Balakrishna comes as a investigation officer to solve the mystery of CM's death. He finds the true killer and about to submit the report then Prakash Raj goons injure Balakrishna and sends him to coma for a long time.

Balakrishna wakes up from coma but Prakash Raj creates entirely new story where Balakrishna's name and identity has been changed as Godse and CEO of a big company and replace his parents and lover. How Balakrishna unfolds the truth and punishes the culprit is the rest of the story.

Performances are concerned all actors became scapegoats in the hands of director so nothing to discuss. ManiSharma's music is old and repetitive. Camera, editing and entire technical departments seriously provide below average standards.

Even if you are a hardcore Balayya fan yet this film does not entertain you. Strictly avoidable and Balakrishna should think twice before signing this kind of below standard scripts. Do not waste your money and time for this kind of flick.

- Parvez Chowdhary