'Srimanthudu' Movie Review - Mesmerizing, Magical And Memorable Film In Mahesh Babu's Career (4/5)

Dazzling Mahesh Babu has different class in Telugu industry. Perhaps he is the only hero who is immensely admired by class and mass, irrespective of age, gender and section. After having two consecutive flop flicks Mahesh became extra cautious and preferred writer became director Koratala Siva who is enjoying stunning stardom with his debut film, blockbuster 'Mirchi'. This time Mahesh gave maximum preference to the story instead of so called commercial elements and stereo type usual mark masala flicks.

The amazing part of the film is selection of the subject and the way it has been presented brilliantly on the screen. Rural based plot, message oriented, preachy yet directed cunningly exploited the stardom of Mahesh Babu to make it a perfect entertainer. Dazzling action scenes obviously enhance the commercial element of the movie and takes it to a different level.

It is certainly rarest of rare to see a film of this calibre in Telugu film industry. Very recently we have witnessed Baahubali which took Telugu cinema to international standard but this film comfortably place it in Aamir Khan and Raj Kumar Hirani standards. What works astonishingly positive for this film is non other than the cocktail combination. It is like a Aamir Khan kind of message oriented film where you can use completely the superstar status of Salman Khan. Koratala Siva is a sure winner and of course prince Mahesh Babu proved his taste for meaningful cinema.

If we get into story Harsha (Mahesh Babu) is a the only son of business tycoon Ravikanth (Jagapathy Babu). Harsha is a reluctant rich brat whose ideals and principles are different. He is more concerned about people and their agony and tough livelihood. Harsha is least interested in his father's wealth and the business and there is conflict between father and son about his future.

One fine day Harsha happens to meet Charuseela (Shruti Haasan) who has same morals and ideals just similar to Harsha, studying a course on Rural development. Both fall in love and Charu comes to know that he is multi millionaire Ravikanth son. Surprisingly she reveals the fact to Harsha that she is his father's close friend Narayana's daughter and also tells him that her father loves his village and doing lot of service to the betterment of his native village unlike Ravikant who left the village to become rich.

This truth hurts Harsha and he goes to that same village, Devarakota and adopt entire village. Central minister and his brother are running liquor factory for that they take control of water and agricultural land and all other resources. Harsha opposes this and fight against them. Meanwhile he comes to know so many secrets about the village and why his father leaves it once for all. What Harsha does to fight back so that he can provide better life to villagers you have to see on screen. It is a wonderful and meaningful script which is supremely visualized and it can be discussed many years in future too.

Performances are concerned Prince Mahesh Babu's life time memorable sizzling and dazzling performance. He is immensely lucky to have such a brilliant script. Shruti Haasan first time got a role where she can act and prove her hidden acting ability. Jagapathy Babu and Rajendra Prasad both gave some decent performances. Almost every small character spark in their small roles.

Devi Sri Prasad's music and back ground score is a biggest asset to this marvellous film. Action sequences are brilliantly choreographed and which can accelerate the superstar status of Mahesh certainly to the top level.

Perhaps this is the first time I remember a superstar doing a complete message oriented subject with utmost honesty and his noble intentions are fully appreciated. I strongly recommend this film. It is great, entertaining and it touches your heart and gives you an emotional satisfaction. Do not miss it. It is a must watch meaningful film.

- Parvez Chowdhary